Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to Macc!

Elaine here ...
On Friday we left Marple and headed back to Bollington again - making a quick stop at the Elsan in Marple and a water stop in Poynton on the way !  It was another brilliantly sunny day - we had to keep the dogs down below while we were on the move because they got too hot and bothered on the roof (I think they thought they were back in Sydney !).
Passed the Goyt Mill again !
Obligatory photo of Heron !
We passed some other wild life on the way though ... we really were beginning to think we were back in Aus !

We moored up this time just past the Adelphi Mill in Bollington - in a nice, cool, shady spot ...
The Adelphi Mill and a chappie reading his paper !
 The dogs were glad to get off the boat and go for a stroll - so we went to check out our dinner destination - The Bulls's Head at Kerridge ... what beautiful scenery along the way !  The boys came face to face with some cows too :) 

So - in the evening we set off again to meet our mates, Jane and Andy and their dog, Pip, at the Bull's Head - where we had lovely Tapas !! 

 The beer garden at the back of the pub had some sheep and lambs in it ... poor Sammy was beside himself !

At the back of the garden was a pig shed also - so Jane and I went up for a visit - they were so beautiful !

And so, the sun set on another lovely day ...

On Saturday, we moved to Sutton - on the other side of Macc.  We had to pass by Mr Grumpy's house (by the water point) - but there was no sign of him !
Hovis Mill and Macc Marina
Work continuing along Macc Canal...

AND NOW FOR THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK .... LAST NIGHT WE WENT TO SEE GEORGE BOROWSKI AND THE FABUOUS WONDERFULS AT SUTTON SCOUT HUT !   (You can follow the link highlighted if you want more info / listen to some of their music).   It was a show to raise funds in support of Sutton Scouts going to Denmark!  GB was supported by a brilliant R&B band called the Mannatees and also Jimmy Lynch and Liam Ward...

The Manatees in action with guest star on guitar - 15 year old lad - just brilliant !
George Borowski and the Fabs

Towards the end of the show Pipe Major, James Gray, played 3 songs with them - which was absolutely amazing !  There was a slight pause in the show whilst they tuned their guitars to the pipes and then away they went !  Fantastic !
Surprise piper !
 They all looked like they were having so much fun !
The 'noise curfew' had been reached (and I suspect over-reached- by about midnight) so the band unplugged and serenaded the crowd for one last song with their acoustic guitars - truly live and unplugged !!!

As we were in a Scout Hut, for some reason we kept finding this sign on the notice board amusing ...   

... and there was some stuff on the notice board to also make us feel 'at home' !
There's no escaping Julia Gillard - she featured there too !
Jane and Paul by the notice board featuring Australia !
  My favourite picture of the whole year (yes, Trev and I are long term George Borowski fans).  We had a chat with him after the show (and inspected the jewellery that he also makes !) - he is such a lovely, generous and talented man !
If you ever get the chance to see him, do it !
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That's it then - having a rest today after all that excitement !!!


  1. hi
    you should of stopped for water just on principal, can't let a bully win

    I really enjoy your blog and envy you too, just waiting for my divorce payout then hopefully will see you on the cut x c

  2. We have to go there tomorrow and fill with water, so we will see how we go!

  3. Loving reading your blog Paul and Elaine and seeing the pictures - takes us back to our time there and how we felt. Have fun and just enjoy every magical moment, don't feel a second of guilt, you truly deserve all that the canals have to offer and you're amazing to have followed your dream :-)