Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Catch Up Blog

We haven't blogged for a few days as we are on a mission to get to Macclesfield to receive the goods coming over on the slow boat from Australia; they are being delivered to Elaine's dad's house on or about the 15th May.  The problem with our mission is that we don't do early starts, we are going to pubs most nights and eating out a fair bit plus walking the dogs more than ever before, so the blog doesn't get a look in, hopefully our two readers won't be too upset.

Once we get to Macc we should get into more of a relaxed routine; I shouldn't really use the word relaxed as if I was any more relaxed I would be six feet under ... although it was a bit breezy today, so that keeps me on my toes (trying to point 68 feet and 18 tons of sardine can, coupled with a massive 43 HP diesel power-plant pointing in the right direction)

So in summing up...we left Polesworth on Monday morning passing the impressive Pooley Hall ...      

Pooley Hall 
A few sheep were keeping an eye on us as we passed...

Notice the pill box on the left - there are quite a few on the canals, I just can't imagine the Germans roaring along the canals Blitzkrieg style!

We passed a boat full of military chaps who were on a fundraiser for Help for Heroes.  We stopped overnight at Hopwas, right outside the Tame Otter pub and as it was bank holiday Monday we had a few there plus dinner.

Help for heroes
 Tuesday we passed through Fradley Junction where Elaine encountered her first swing bridge, then we turned left onto the Trent and Mersey Canal.
Elaine's first swing bridge
We stopped for the night  in the sticks before Handsacre nowhere near a pub...nnnooooooooo! Next day we carried on passed the Armitage Shanks dunny factory plus the Rugeley power station.   Elaine walked the dogs for miles and miles on this section. We stopped overnight in a lovely little village called Weston on Trent, approx 50 metres from the Saracens Head pub -which happened to be dog friendly so we stayed for a couple and had dinner there.  

Moored in the middle of nowhere

Before we left Weston I took the boys for a walk down to the village green when Bombo had a bit of a turn; he starts to reverse sneeze - which looks quite bad and he panics a bit, so I was kneeling down and reassuring him when a bloody ambulance stops and asks if he is OK!   I just love the kindness and empathy shown to animals in this country.  So today we motored further along the Trent and Mersey canal passing through Stone where me met Diane from NB Ferndale.  They are another couple of Aussies from Melbourne cruising the system; next time we will hang around a bit longer ... mission to get to Macclesfield etc.

Which brings us up to date to Thursday night where we are moored at Barlaston.  We have been feeding some swans plus 9 little cygnets through the side hatch.  Sam got a bit too close so the swan gave him a quick peck on the nose to make him back off.

Bombo meets swan
Lots of Cygnets
 Tomorrow we will keep on keeping on!!


  1. That's 3, I'm enjoying your blog and I'm really jealous! Paula