Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Boxes arrive from Australia

The freight company rang yesterday to say that  they would be delivering our boxes of belongings from Australia between 8-9am this morning.
We got up early and Elaine's brother Trevor picked us up in his car as it was raining.
The boxes were delivered at  9.00am and we spent the rest of the day sorting out, stuff to be taken to the boat, stuff to be stored at Elaine's dads house and just stuff, including all my motorcycle gear and snow skis!
Most importantly (El will disagree) my tools were also delivered plus various spare parts for the boat.  We have been living on the boat for nearly 2 months and all I have had is a couple of screw drivers! Touch wood (which is pretty easy in a narrowboat) Caxton has performed faultlessly although I still don't think the mastervolt panel is reading correctly.
We pick up a hire car tomorrow so we can collect the stuff from Elaine's dad's house and bring it to the boat, plus we need a car to go to Crick on Saturday plus drive to a few Jubilee events.
So mid to late next week we will leave Macclesfield and start moving again; I quite fancy going to Bugsworth again and doing some maintenance on the boat, it is a good spot to do it.
After that we will head towards Manchester and probably Liverpool, but we really don't have anything set in stone and don't want to.
The Olympic flame also passed 100metres from Elaine's dad's house so we went and had a look.

Finally Bombo would like to thank all the readers for their kind words on his first blog; the little shit, his head is so big it wont go through the hatch door!

He forgot to put this photo on, just after we took it Sam jumped into the fountain because it was hot unfortunately Bombo fell in, he wasn't amused, he really doesn't like water! 

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