Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walk around Polesworth + UK Car Prices

We went to a local Indian restaurant last night, plus it was above a pub, how good is that? There is another Indian restaurant in Polesworth which is also joined to a pub!

No after effects this morning, so as we weren't going to move today we went for another walk around Polesworth, there is a large Nissan dealership close to the canal plus they have a large used car yard, I was amazed how cheap cars are in the UK compared to Australia, I took a few pics and will give you a few comparisons.

The S-Type Jag below which was a very clean low mileage model was for sale for 4995 pounds, the same car in Australia would sell for approx 16250 pounds!

Next is this gorgeous XK-R Jag, UK Price 54995 pounds, Australian price, try 162500 pounds!!

This Nissan Ute is the same as I had in Australia, UK Price 11995 pounds, Australian price 20000 pounds!

Another shot of the Jag cos it was so nice!!!! Of course you cannot just buy a car here and ship it to Oz, the red tape is a nightmare, I wonder who is making all the cash?   

After the car yard we went for a long walk around the village, passing over the river in full flow

We got back to the boat and had a rest in the SUN!!!! Cant wait till summer! I was going to go for a ride on the pushie but I got a phone call from my brother Martin who lives pretty close, he came over with his Mrs and Brett his son so we just stayed on the boat and had a chat etc.
Tomorrow we will carry on heading north and will stop at ??

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