Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On To Bugsworth Basin

The alarm went off nice and early so we ignored it and had another couple of hours in bed!  I'm not quite sure how much longer we will be doing the late night-late start routine but I would have to say we are rather enjoying it.

We went for a walk around Marple this morning before we set sail, and what a delight it was, especially as the sun was shining and it was warm, late on it became hot!

First stop was Marple Junction...  

We then turned left and walked down a few of the locks, just for future reference!

Which run parallel with a few of the terrace houses resplendent with satellite dishes;note also lots of clothes on lines......the SUN was out, the drought is over yeehaa  

There were some really pretty lockside cottages, this wasn't one of them....I accidentally deleted the really nice one!

We walked through the local park with amusing signs and then had a decent cup of coffee at Costa Coffee, seems to be the only place where you can get a decent flat white.

Now the boating bit.....we had to empty 2 very full cassettes first which once again Elaine relished the task!

And then we were off ...

We turned right at Marple Junction onto the Peak Forest Canal, note the blue sky, by now the shorts had made their first appearance since arriving in the UK

Some really lovely views on this canal, actually not lovely - more mind blowing. 

There are no locks on this canal, only hydraulic lift bridges and manual swing bridges 

Elaine was well up to the task and enjoyed her daily workout

Whilst me and the boys sat back and watched. 

We came across this heron who was either laying down or had become bogged down in the sodden ground ( I think he was laying down)

Passed a very impressive railway viaduct at New Mills, by now we were bored with the blue sky.....just kidding

Finally we arrived at Bugsworth basin and got the chairs out to sit in the sun......but no as we had not given the boat a clean up for a while we got stuck right into it. Elaine completely emptied the cratch and cleaned the floor plus all the mats etc, Whilst I touched up a few minor!!! scratches on the blacking, we will carry on cleaning up the boat tomorrow, the weather is supposed to get even better, today was fantastic! 

Trevor (Elaine's brother) popped over for a visit in the late afternoon.

After Trev left we went for a drink at Elsie Tanner's old pub, The Navigation, which is right on the basin. We were talking to one of the locals for a while 'till an attractive young couple came in and then he was off....that's him with his back to the camera; Bombo didnt much like him any way!

Summing up today........absolutely fantastic, lovely scenery, amazing weather, long may it last!   

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