Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chillaxing Day

Definition of chillaxing .....'chilling out and relaxing' ... and that is exactly what we did today!  Well, I should say - Elaine did as 22nd May is her favourite day  (I don't know the the reason for it - and neither does she - but there you go!).

Once again another fantastic day weather-wise, so I gave the boat a good wash and polish, plus touched up some paint chips, and swept the chimney as we won't be needing the fire again.......but then again...:)

Later on Elaine took the boys for a walk around the basin and took a few pics.

It really is a very special place, although it would have been a very different place 200 years ago when the lime kilns were in operation

We will stay here for another day at least before heading back towards Macclesfield.
I went for a ride on the push bike down to Whaley Bridge and also along the old tramway.
I read the paper when I got back; Geoffrey is getting very brave and joined me on the bench. 

Elaine made a yummy dinner so we sat outside in the sun and washed it down with a bottle of champers - to celebrate her special day!  Elaine said this is the best 22nd May she has had in years :)

I would just like to say we are loving this life, but when the sun comes out...wow...long may it last. 

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