Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Magic Macc

We were the sixth boat to go through the Harecastle this morning and we were tail- end charlie. We had a quick safety briefing and a count of persons (and animals) on board and we were off!  As soon as we went through the entrance they shut the door behind us and turned on the fans which suck the air from the other end, a mere 2.6 kilometres away. The chains dangling down let you know the height in parts of the tunnel as the roof of the tunnel is quite undulating.  At some points it is very low; I really don't like the long tunnels that much, but there is not a lot of choice.     

Fourty five minutes later we were out the other side, phew!

Just after the exit there is a very sharp left turn and we were on the Macclesfield Canal although it doesn't officially start until you have passed through the stop lock. 

The scenery from the Macc canal is stunning, the pictures do not do it justice.

Mow Cop
Pennines in the distance
Just Magic

On the way through Congleton we were had a surprise visitor...Trevor - Elaine's brother, he stayed for a chat and a cuppa. He is going to join us tomorrow at the foot of Bosley locks to give Elaine a hand on the final leg into Macclesfield.

This is our view tonight taken from the side hatch, not bad eh? 
Railway Viaduct

We went for a very long walk with the boys, they just love it!

The Bosley Cloud

Very Impessive

Finally back home to the boat, another fantastic day. 

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