Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loving This Life

Its now two months since we left Australia, what can we say....we are just loving this life, it keeps getting better and better every day, probably due to getting used to living on a boat plus now this fantastic weather. If it ended now I would have to say it has been the best holiday we have ever had!
Without a doubt we took a big risk in selling up everything and travelling to the other side planet with 2 dogs and 3 cats but I would have to say the outcome has been well worth it.

There is one strange feeling that we both have and this is a feeling of guilt that we are enjoying this most relaxing lifestyle with no immediate plans to go back to work and having a perpetual holiday lifestyle.

We still don't think that living on a narrowboat will be a long term proposition, but then again!

So onto today, we left Bugsworth Basin after filling the water tank, we would loved to have stayed there longer but we have to get back to Macclesfield before Saturday.
Some kids were having some fun in the sun on their canoe catamarans
We passed this boat, Elaine's Bella Bunny died last August! The dogs and cats were scared of her, she was bit of a bruiser. 
Only in England do blokes wear socks and sandals, but PINK socks! 

Just love this railway viaduct at New Mills

 One for the girls....It nearly got to hot to steer the boat and Elaine certainly got a bit of a sweat on opening the swing and lift bridges, thankfully there were no locks.
Houses in the hills

Very nice canalside cottage

We had a very friendly duck fly aboard for a ride and a feed 
Didn't even seem to fussed to have a cuddle, now where is that orange!

Cant get enough of these views

Tonight's view from the side hatch 

We are moored up just outside of Marple, another thing I am enjoying about this neck of the woods is that there are very few boats about, we passed 2 boats today! Mind you we are not early starters.
Tomorrow we will travel to Bollington as we are going to  Tapas
restaurant Friday night, the "holiday" continues.


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine, So glad you are enjoying your new life, we wondered how you would adjust after such a dramatic change! But all looks great, can understand the feeling of guilt, but that does get easier except when you meet up with friends in the rat race! Thoroughly enjoying your blog and glad the animals have adjusted to their new life as well. Doug and James

  2. Hi Guys
    The friends part would be the hardest, although for us that isn't such a problem as they mostly live in Oz.

  3. It's good to hear you are enjoying yourselves in this new life. We too understand the guilt thing, but hey good things are given us to enjoy! We shall have to go back to the real world one day, but are enjoying this season of our life before we embark on the next.
    Have a great weekend.