Friday, February 8, 2013

Back on Board and Future Plans

We had a nice little five and and half hour drive back from Cornwall, once again the little Citroen C3 performed faultlessly.  It is the first car we have bought from a used car dealer, and would have to say we are so glad we bought it. Apart from Cornwall we have 2 trips to Kent, numerous trips to Milton Keynes and I have lost count the number of times we have been to Macclesfield in it. Once we leave the marina Elaine's brother will store it for us 'till next winter, plus we may well do a summer trip in it, we are thinking Ireland or maybe the continent.....we may need to see the sun!

So now we back on board I need to do a few little odd jobs on the boat as in servicing the engine and fixing a very small gearbox leak. Elaine is off to Macclesfield for a week to do a First Aid course and do a bit of gardening for her Dad.

We leave the marina on 1st March - first stop is Stafford Boat Club where she will be slipped so we can black the hull and paint the tunnel bands etc.  We come off the hardstand on the 10th March and we will head off to.....

.....we haven't decided yet, probably decide on the 10th March!


  1. Sometimes if we get to a junction with no real plans of where we're heading, we just toss a coin to decide if we go left or right. Now that's what I call freedom!

    1. We think we will head north, so that means we will probably go to London