Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Are Sailing.....We Are Sailing

Hopefully there will be no stormy waters......!

Another very good turnout last night for our last pie night at The Three Crowns. Apart from Elaine and myself, we were joined by Dot, Gordon, Toni, Ray, Jim, Joan, Roly, Bev, Rob, Robs GF, Barb and Phil.

This is a pic of Dot and Gordon's pies - 'neanderthal pies' as Elaine called them - yep, they have a leg of lamb sticking out of them !

We won't miss the marina, but we will certainly miss these lovely new friends.  There is nothing wrong with the marina, but we brought a boat to go boating!

We have been living on the Marina for 5 months! The main reason for being there so long was because I buggered off to Oz for 2 months and we went into the marina a month earlier than planned so I could be sure that Elaine would be au fait with the workings of the boat.  If I don't go to Oz this year we will go into a marina in December and only spend 3 months there, weather permitting!

This morning we awoke to a stunningly sunny day.  We prepared the ship, unplugged the umbilical cord and left the berth ...
Bye Bye lovely Berth !
There was a bit of ice on the water so we were ice-breaking as we went !

This swan was happy to cruise along in the gap we had created in the ice for him !

The first stop was the fuel wharf to fill the tank.  When we got there we were met by a farewell party - Jim, Joan, Dot and Gordon ...

and then Ray and Toni (NB Ferndale) ... Bye Bye for now !
Bye Bye Dot and Gordon (NB Ewn Ha Cul) .. so long and thanks for all the marmalade !

Bye bye Aston Marina ...

We turned onto the canal and straight away Bombo assumed his position

Lovely little baa lambs ...

Into the first lock at Sandon ...

Oh it feels good!

Bombo was soon joined by Sam and Geoffrey ...

Geoffrey was loving it cruising along with us ... loving the sunshine I think !
Elaine was soon into her stride walking the boys ...

We passed NB Sokai ...

and moored up for the night at a lovely spot in Pasturefields ...

An absolutely lovely first day - many more to come!


  1. Jealous! Jealous!
    Have fun guys... we'll catch you some time.

  2. Looking out for you.......we're at Alrewas tonight.

    1. We are only going as far as Stafford boat club to black the hull.

  3. Good luck guys and enjoy -'I know how you feel, there's no way I could go back into a marina -not even for winter. You don't feel like you're really living on a boat until you're away from it all - plus it feels like you're in a coffin when you have a boat either side of you!
    The warmer weather will be here soon too :)

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    3. Looking forward to the summer!

  4. Very envious! Especially with the lovely clear skies the last couple of days. Enjoy, we will be hopefully be out on the cut before Easter for a few days x