Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crap Weather!

We always knew that the weather in the UK isn't the best, after all we have both lived here before plus that is the main reason why we both went to Oz ... as in to get away from such awful awful weather! We are both trying to stay on the positive side but when the rain just doesn't stop it can be a bit tiring to say the least. Funny thing is you know as soon as spring arrives and it starts to warm up we will forget all about it (hopefully!).

So what did we do today........the rain was hammering on the roof so we laid in bed till you don't want to know when!

I put on the trusty Drizabone and took the dogs for a walk to the farmshop to get some basic supplies. Then it was time to clear out the bow locker and fix a shelf that had come adrift.  I also did a bit of varnishing in the cosy cabin.  Elaine has been playing at making some chutney and scones.  (I also caught her looking at properties in  Byron Bay, NSW - Australia!)

It was then time to sit down, watch the rugby (England won) and have a beer.

Life is not too bad after all :-)  


  1. I'm with the Byron Bay idea. No matter what the statistics might tell you apart from a few months between Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012 (when we happened to be in Australia), the weather here has now been consistently crap for at least 5 years. Don't expect it to get better soon. Winter = cold rain, Summer = warm rain. Depressing was the comment I made myself only today.

    1. It was always a 2 year plan so we will see how we go!

  2. My son learned to scuba dive in Byron Bay. It looked a great place on the photos he sent us.

  3. on the plus side there are no bugs or creatures that will kill you.