Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elaine's Birthday Day Out

We started off the day with a walk around Mousehole.

The plaque on this house states that the owner was killed by the Spanish invaders in 1595, they also razed most of the village! The  house dates from the 1300s which makes it the oldest in the village.

There are just so many little alleys, its like a maze.

Can't imagine what it must be like in the summer with lots of cars about.

We walked up the hill behind the village ... it was blowing a gale and absolutely bloody freezing, and this is the warmest part of the UK!  We made a hasty retreat back down the hill as it was starting to hail !!

'Tis a lovely view tho! 

We bumped into some Italian tourists at the top of the hill ... a young women said Bombo was "disproportionate but seemed a nice dog".  I smiled and thought "XXXX XXX, lady, he's perfect"! 

Sepia for a change ... looks the part !

We then headed for Penzance, but took a short detour to take a quick look at Dot and Gordon's cottage. They are living on a narrow boat at our marina. That's the narrow boat part of the post out of the way!

We parked up on the quay at Penzance and went walkabout into the town.  We were crossing the road by the railway station, which is pretty busy, when we noticed a little toddler standing in the middle of the road!  We grabbed him and took him to the kerb, a women pushing a pram across the road gave me daggers so we thought it was hers and let the kid go ... but it walked out straight in front of an Audi.....whoops it wasn't hers!   I grabbed him again and he started fighting a bit so El came and gave me a hand, I'm sure the drivers thought we were crap parents!

He was really young and couldn't tell us who he was and where his mum was - so we were holding onto him!  The next minute his absolutely frantic mother came running down the street ... she had lost him about 500 metres away!

She was very grateful to say the least, it was really quite strange seeing a little 3 year old roaming around on a busy main road, playing with the traffic ... all ended well though :-)

We didn't take any pics of Penzance, but basically it is a bit run down with a plethora of charity shops, I am sure it will be buzzing come summer.   Elaine found a couple of interesting 'new age' shops though ...came out with some strange smelling goodies!  (White Sage Smudge stick and incense actually ... Elaine)

We headed back to the cottage where Elaine proceeded to have yet another long bath and I finished off a book.

Later in the evening one of Elaine's old friends, Gailelaine, came to join us for dinner at The Old Coastguard Hotel.  

The food was absolutely superb, the best since we arrived in the UK.
Bombo and Sam spent the evening under table as they had had a big day.

Isn't it great when you can go to a very nice resaurant and take your dogs ... although I would have to say there were a few people there who gave us the evil stare!  Tough luck the management had no problems with it!  

Today we are off to Port Isaac (or Port Wen as it is known in Doc Martin).  It is once again a very very windy day ... I now would have to say I am over the winter and roll on some warmer weather.


  1. Happy belated Birthday Elaine, hope you had a good day, enjoy Port Isaac its such a lovely place. Doug and James