Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nice Day for a Massage!

But first things first, a big thank you to Toni from NB Ferndale who presented Bombo and Sam with a very nice couple of knitted jumpers at our Monday arvo boaters meet up.

Very smart they are too, they really do feel the cold, so they are very much appreciated.


It was a good Monday turnout for the afternoon tea, except there was a big absence of tea......it was instead an 'alcohol' afternoon tea.  This was our last Monday get together as we are off cruising on Thursday; it will be sad to say farewell to all our new friends but we can't wait to view fields instead of another boat from our side hatch !

We have no regrets about sitting out the winter in a marina, but could never do it full time, unless we were working full time etc.

We are also putting the little Citroen into storage for the summer at Elaine's brothers house so today I took it down to Morrison's and put it through the car wash plus gave it a good vacuum.

Lastly, as Elaine is a professional massage therapist, she decided it was time to brush up on her skills as she hasn't done a massage in a fair while. So who would be the guinea pig?  I know......ME.....

Very nice it was too, I decided to have the full 1.5 hour treatment, and slept through most of it.....relaxed or what!  (Elaine here ... actually he had a 1.5 hour treatment - and then demanded another 20 mins on his feet !!!   Greedy boy !)
Who is the old bald git!
Table fits in the lounge nicely - lovely and warm too by the fire !
Tomorrow night we are off to The Three Crowns for our final "Pie Night" - more drinking as well....bugger!


  1. Arriving Manchester 4th April,our purchased NB fireflynz1 moored by Wigan on Leeds Liverpool canal so be starting by doing those upper canals.Looking at 2-3yrs,no plans. Are you heading North? be good to catch up over a pint or three.Ray & Leonie,Napier NZ...

  2. Hi Ray, We are heading towards Liverpool, so we should bump into each other somewhere long the way, keep an eye on the blog to see our location.


  3. Are you leaving the car taxed and insured while it is parked up? If not make sure you give the required notification (SORNs) to DVLA.

    1. Yep we are keeping it roadworthy as we will use it a few times over summer.

  4. If you're coming up the Macc can I book a massage please? :-)

    1. Yes it would be my pleasure, will be on the Macc 3rd week of March.

  5. Look forward to it, see you soon