Monday, February 4, 2013

Well Thats a First!

Today we went for a little drive around, checking out the old haunts from my 60's holidays!

We left the cottage at first light..... 11.00am! Takes a while to get going down here.

Now this is a first....we went to a pub in Porthleven and I had a coffee! Not even an alcoholic coffee, just a good old flat white coffee! 

We had a good look around this lovely little fishing village, a lot of the restaurants were being painted etc. getting ready for the new season.

The pub where the coffee misdemeanour took place.

Bloody huge seagulls, this one was a baby! It was nearly the size of a swan ... well not quite, but it was big.  The Aussie seagulls are scrawny buggers compared to these! 

Still got the pillboxes in place just in case the Germans have another crack.

You can't really tell from the pics but there was quite a big sea running ...

The Harbour master's Launch was a bit low budget ...

Next stop was Mullion Cove ... nobody there, just us/

A lovely little spot.

Next stop was the Lizard, the most southerly point of the British mainland, the lifeboat station now sits abandoned.

Spectacular rugged scenery, another lovely day out.

We stopped at the Old Coastguard Hotel in Mousehole for a drink before we headed off back to the cottage.  We booked a table for tomorrow night as its Elaine's Birthday, the bonus being we can take the dogs with us.....good eh!  :)


  1. Hate to be picky Paul but you were in Porthleven not Perranporth. I know it's a bit confusticating for you Australian Poms but I'm sure you'll get the hang of all these Cornish names! Glad to see you're enjoying yourselves - no photos of pasties or cream teas?

  2. Fuck knows how I did that its even got Porthleven on the card next to the coffee cup, I have had a few drinks though, I fell down the stairs tonight!

  3. Those outside steps? Surprised you're not in West Cornwall Hospital if so!