Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Not a lot going on at the mo ... just counting down the days till we escape on 1st March and go cruising again!

Monday we took a drive over to Meir Heath for a Tesco shop, the temp was -1 and this poor chap (or chapess) had lost control on a straight road and ended up in the ditch! 

Snow looks nice in the trees tho ...

Today was another very cold day!

Elaine had a visit to the dentist to check out a filling that she thought had a hole in it (turns out it didn't), so she just had a check up and an Xray ... she was charged the grand total of £17.50!  Back in Oz it would have been well over £150.00!  I had one filling plus a Xray last December in \Oz which cost me £300.00!
I was reading an article in  the Sydney Telegraph online today about how the Aussies are being ripped off on virtually everything ... the wages are a lot higher in Oz but its still no excuse for the prices being charged down there!

Back to today....we rendezvoused at Costa for coffee and breakfast, then we took the dogs for a walk up the Downs! Very cold but the dogs enjoyed it. 

This afternoon I started to do a few outside odd jobs on the boat, but the cold beat me. Elaine went to clean out the car but came back to the boat with frostbite so then caught up on a lot of filing and paperwork and generally sorting out and tidying up stuff !

Tomorrow Elaine is leaving me.......strange thing is today she broke both our wedding rings (they were made of iron ore !) .....hope it's not a sign!

She is actually going to Macclesfield for a few days to do a first aid course plus have a play in her dad's garden, although I think the ground may be a bit frozen!

So I will be on my own till next Monday.....

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