Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last Day in Cornwall

We drove to Marazion to meet up with some old Aussie friends ... we arranged to meet in a nice hotel/pub with views out to St Michael's Mount.

As soon as we went through the door we were ushered to sit on a nice fat sofa.  "Biscuits?" the waiter asked.  "Uh?" I replied.  "For the dogs, Sir" he responded!   You just have to love this country and the way they treat our furry friends!
Free biscuits for the dogs
Elaine was so excited about having been offered a plate of biscuits for the dogs that she completely forgot to take pics of her old friends !!!!!

  Nice view out of the window ...

We had a good chat and catch up.  They have been back  in the UK now for 2.5 years, and will probably return to Oz one day ... the winters are getting to them!

View to the mount from the pub garden ...

We then went over to St Ives to say goodbye to Elaine's friend and go for a walk around the streets.
St Ives Harbour
We had a good walk round plus visited some of the very nice beaches ...

We then had a chat with a man walking his dog ... he stopped us because he thought Sam looked just like his dog, which was a West Highland Terrier x Bichon Frise.  They did look rather similar although his was only 5 months old.  All Sam wanted to do was hump it!  The chap was actually a Kiwi who has lived in St Ives for 12 years!

This evening we went around the corner to The British Legion Club ... they made us very welcome and bought us drinks and once again biscuits for the doggies!

That's it ... hols over!  We will drive back to the good ship tomorrow morning.

Evening All.

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