Saturday, February 23, 2013

Countdown to Leaving the Marina

Yesterday we popped down to Stafford  and bought some blacking, brushes, scrapers, roller trays and other odds and sods for when we go on the hard next weekend.  I also cleaned the car in 1 degree of temperature ... the first clean it has had in 5 months!  In the evening we took the dogs for a walk to Stone and popped into the Talbot pub for a very nice Guinness - and that was it for the day!

Today we were up at first light (10.00am!).  We popped down to the chandlery in Stone to buy some more paint for touching up the topsides. When we came out of the chandlery NB Sokai was cruising past ... (another blogger)

The stone chandlery's pump out cart was out - on display !  It has been given a new coat of paint, I think it is the paint that holds it together.....

I think it a 1960s Austin, it is very basic ...

and definitely not road worthy ...

Good enough to pump out 'shit tanks' though!

We then took a drive to Amerton Farm and  Craft Centre, to have a look.  We discovered ...
farm animals!

There is also a craft shop, gift shop, jewellery shop, restaurant and lots more.
We couldn't take the doggies with us because of the aforementioned animals.

When we got back to the boat we took the boys for a long walk along the towpath - which is getting less and less muddy by the day, although still pretty boggy!

I love this gate in the hedge, it is a gate to..... 


Elaine's arty - reflection shot ...

Tonight we went to the marina bistro for a very nice dinner.  We had accumulated quite a few points by using the marina farm shop so the night wasn't too exy!

Tomorrow....Steam Trains....Yea Baby!!

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  1. Nice to meet if only fleeting. I must get the paint brush out and touch up all the red oxide.Nb Sokai