Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trains and Boats but no Planes

 I picked up Elaine from her Dad's house in Macclesfield yesterday.  Whilst there she gave me my birthday present....a train set in a tin! Within a few minutes it was up and running ... just got to find somewhere to put it on the boat!

We went out for the birthday dinner last night to The Dog and Doublet in Sandon.  It is a super pub, great food and a very good night.
Outside of the pub
 Elaine was up bright and early whilst I had a birthday hangover lie in ... she took a few pics whilst out walking the dogs ...

It was a very foggy and frosty start to the day...

Poor Sammy hates the cold on his paws!

Ice on the canal ...

Looks nice though.

I finally got up and dropped Elaine off in Stone where she had an appointment to have her hair done ... this will be the last one for a while as we will soon be off cruising and we go back to the feral. unkempt look!

By now the sun was out and the fog and frost had well gone.
It turned into a most fantastic sunny day, it was quite 'warm' with out a breath of wind.  

It was a perfect day to take the boat out, so we reversed out of the berth, swung the boat through 180 degrees and reversed back into the berth! Why do this you ask? Well now I can wash the other side of the boat....exciting or what?  

As it was such a lovely day we put William (the old buggered black cat) up on the roof so he could catch a few rays, but all he wanted to do was to get back inside to the safety of the boat. He is really slowing down now and sleeps for about 23 hours a day.  We think that he is coming to the end of his long life, he is a lovely old, but very tatty looking, cat!

Tonight Elaine made a Jamie Oliver Seafood Lasagna ... and right good it were too.

Big day tomorrow ... we are off the see The Mousetrap with lots of the boaty people from the marina, and from there straight to the Three Crowns pub for pie night....what a hectic life we lead :) 

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