Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Strange Day

I took Elaine up to the hospital this morning for her impending surgery.  Once again fantastic service from the NHS, she was shown straight to her bed, then checked over by a doctor, the registrar and a nurse, all checking and cross checking details for her op tomorrow.

The strange bit was coming back to the boat on my own, and being here on my own, in the past in Oz it was always me going away on business trips around the country and overseas, plus the many motorcycle and skiing trips away with mates, this time it her going away, mind you I can think of a lot of places she would rather be!

So tonight it will be eating meaty stuff (Elaine is a veg head), drinking beer and watching crap on TV.

I will finish off with this pic.....May 2007 Las Vegas


  1. Lovely photo, you are just a big softy really aren't you? She will be fine! (enjoy the meat overload!) xx

  2. Mate, we hope it all goes well for both of you

    Best wishes

    Tom & Jan
    (Oh... I only put the 'mate' at the beginning because you're an Aussie bastard who probably bowls underarm!)

    1. Underarm day, the day Piggy Muldoon said "No wonder they wear yellow"

  3. Best wishes, stop thinking the worst, Elaine will be just fine. And just a word of warning, limit the jokes post surgery because laughing hurts like hell, it keeps the visitors amused mind you...