Saturday, January 25, 2014


Not the place ... oh no, Elaine's big request before her impending surgery was she wanted to have a nice long bath or even baths!

So Friday night we stayed at The Stonehouse Hotel where her dream was granted.  She had a three hour bath on Friday night and a one and half hour bath on Saturday morning - she said she had to get her money's worth !!

It's a quirky little hotel, but pretty good value at £55.00 a night including the full English breakfast.

Nice room with a BATH, plus ...

... its own little garden, which would be nice in the summer!

We arrived back at the marina this morning at about 11 am - to find five very disgruntled animals, who had all been left 'home alone' over night!  We took the dogs out for a walk straight away and when we got to the Marina shop / bistro we met up with Diane, Ray, Banjo (NB Ferndale) and Dot (NB Ewn Ha Cul) ... we didn't recognise them at first because they were drinking coffee rather than alcohol! 

We sat and had a chat and a coffee (thanks Ray!) and later we were joined by  Kevin, Ann and grandson Sam who are the new owners of NB Rock n Roll.  They stopped by to drop off some books on motorhome campsites in France for us ... thanks guys!  We all had a good chat about motorhomes and their toilets plus of course narrowboat toilets and most importantly good pubs!

We were going to go shopping after our walk but as Liverpool were on the TV (Football match) we (I) postponed it for a while.  At about 2 pm the wind got up and a mega storm passed through the marina ... we had the lot, thunder, lightning, very high winds and waves, rain and hail! 

Yes the spot light is rusty and will be replaced in due course, it is beyond polishing!

We received a really lovely email today from a blog reader in Sydney, wishing Elaine all the best for her op.  He is the chap that painted the original of the print we have on the boat of the Manly Ferry Freshwater.

This is the print below, with reflections included!  Check out his website here, he is a terrific artist.
Thanks for the kind words Steve!


  1. Hope El's isn't too wrinkled after 4.5 hours in water ;-)

    Those pictures would make great prints, for when you are back in the sun, to remind you of the British weather! Its been the same here!

    Love to you both for next week xx

    1. How about having the lamp body replated ? I've had good service from these - Niphos Metal Finishing Co.Ltd

      25 Hope St, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7DR

      Might be worth getting a quote to see if it would be cheaper than a new fitting.

    2. We actually have 2 spare spotlights in the hold.