Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome Back Ray

We woke to a very cold frosty morning, I was puffing like a steam train!

As it was a cold day we thought 'bugger the cold cedar huts for our Monday boaters soiree', let's go to The Exchange instead for a few beers and mulled wines to welcome Ray back to his fold after his trip back to the penal colony.  It was a good turnout and a very funny afternoon (there was talk of 'winter hysteria' setting in!).  It will be back to the huts next Monday as we will be celebrating Australia Day. 

Sammie joined us at the pub, but as he is only seven (plus he is a dog) he isn't allowed a beer, so he has a pot of tea instead!

After a few too many beers and mulled wines the camera started taking selfies.....

....strange shots.....

....but good fun....

It was a great afternoon with some really good friends.

Welcome Home, Ray!!

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