Thursday, January 23, 2014

Manchester Motorhome and Caravan Show

As we were going to a motorhome show today we decided that we should drive up in our motorhome! The event was held at 'Event City' which is located next to the Trafford Centre, there was a huge car park there so there were no problems with parking.

It wasn't a bad show and we got some info re getting good discounts on European campsites.

We also bought a low wattage 240v kettle and a couple of wheel chocks....riveting stuff eh?!

There was also a holiday show going on next door so we went for a sticky beak. All pretty crappy apart from one holiday that caught our eye ... Classic car holidays in India!  You drive Hindustan Ambassadors, they take about 15-20 vehicles at a time ... it looked like good fun.  Elaine has added it to her bucket list - it would suit us both actually - she loves India and I love cars and driving!

Bombo slept on the way back ... Bombo always sleeps!  However, Sammie found a new favourite position - laying on the dashboard looking through the screen ...

We fancied a beer before we arrived back at the marina, so we popped down to The Dog and Doublet in Sandon for a swift one then it was back to the boat ...

Elaine is really looking forward to tomorrow because she is having one of her favourite things ... 


  1. On this occasion we'll sort of assume it doesn't involve Paul, so therefore Elaine enjoy it whatever it is....! Paula X

  2. Best of luck for Monday, Elaine! It will surely go well on Australia Day. Thinking of you.