Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life in a Northern Marina

This is the second year that we have wintered in Aston Marina, it seems a lot more bearable this time ... why is this you ask?

I reckon it is because we have made so many good friends amongst  the marina boating fraternity, they are such a helpful, friendly bunch.  I reckon it is a lot harder to meet good friends when you get older, but we have met so many new friends here, I think they will become life long friends.  This is my opinion of course, they probably think I am a wanker!  It certainly makes it a lot more bearable being confined to barracks. 

 Last year was very different as you can read here from last year's blog entry.

Yesterday Elaine had a appointment in Manchester so it was up at 05.00 to get up there before the morning rush hour kicked off!

On the way back down the M6 the traffic slowed very quickly, and this was the reason......

.....Two trucks had collided and this one ended upside down with its wheels in the air and very badly damaged ...

The accident had just happened so the emergency vehicles were just starting to arrive.  We passed 8 fire trucks, numerous police cars and ambulances.  I read later that it took three hours to get the driver out - he is in a serious but stable condition.  The M6 was blocked for hours. 

I have always said that without a doubt the poms are the best drivers in the world. but when it goes wrong it does so in spectacular fashion.  I put it down to the sheer amount of traffic and generally high speeds that the traffic is travelling at.

Once clear of the smash we soon ran into an amazing scene, it was pouring with rain yet sunny ... it looked so black and white!   

Once we got back aboard we found the animals in a very relaxed state - we have William and Geoffrey on the bean bag, Sammie upside down in a chair, Jaffa next to the radiator and finally Bombo in the other chair!  No room for us:)

Thanks again to Diane from NB Ferndale for looking after and walking the doggies whilst we were out all day!


  1. I definitly believe we have a great community here and certainly lifelong friendships have become established
    : )

  2. Northern? Staffordshire is in the Midlands, surely!

    1. Well north of Paddo, plus I have heard eh up down the pub!

  3. Thanks for the link to last year's blog... a very entertaining read! I'm pleased you are happier now than then.

    We cruised past Aston last summer - it doesn't seem too bad.


    1. Hi Alistair
      It is a very nice marina, its a very much tongue in cheek blog!