Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Chip Butty!

We took our Aussie visitor, Lesley down to the Stone farmers market on Saturday morning.  It was much smaller than usual but we did have one of the nicest coffees ever from one of the stalls.

Whilst walking around the market we bumped into lots of Aston Marina boaters on day release!  Now this is what I love about the boaty life and is something that never used to happen when we lived a normal life back in Oz.....basically you have a quick chat which very quickly turns into ... lets go to the pub!  I love it, spur of the moment stuff and  no one says I have to go shopping / got to go and weed the garden / going to get my hair done etc.

So very quickly ten of us were sat around the window seat in the exchange (again!)

Lesley was fascinated by the choice of lunchtime grub......chip buttys all round.  She had never seen or heard of such a delicacy.

Lesley has been living in Klosters, Switzerland for the last two years, but she reckons that the mulled wine (Gluhwein) served up in The Exchange is the best she has ever tasted, not bad eh! 

It was a lovely little impromptu lunchtime gathering.

Today we took her to Trentham Gardens and had a brisk walk around the lake.

We finished up the day up the Spoons for a superb Sunday roast, it was a cracker.

Up at sparrows tomorrow as we are taking Lesley to the station..

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