Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mud and e-greetings,

I rose before 09.00 this morning, I needed to give the interior of the boat the once over, its amazing how quickly the boat starts looking like a tip, anyone would think it is Elaine that keeps it clean and tidy.

I took the dogs for a good walk down to Stone so they would be nice and tired and sleep all afternoon whilst I nipped up to Manchester.

As you can see the towpath was a tad muddy, now this is the result of a few walkers and cyclists, what must it have been like in the days of the working boats when hundreds of horses a day trudged along the path?

At lunchtime I went to visit Elaine in the hospital, she looked good and was sitting in a chair next to the bed, she was hooked up to machines that go ping!

Whilst I was at this wonderful hospital they told me about a service that they offer and that is that you can send her an e-greeting it is delivered to her bed, what a great service, it all takes time for them to print out the greeting and deliver them, but nothing is too much trouble for them.

Whilst I was up there I volunteered to do some fundraising for them next month, mind you it is at Manchester Utd football ground so that will be fun.


  1. Hi Paul, Elaine couldn’t be in a better place than Christie’s it’s renown for its excellent oncology care. The e-greetings is a brilliant idea and we’ve made use of it already! Give Elaine a big hug from us and drive carefully in this awful weather. xx

    1. Thanks Carol. its a good job I enjoy driving.

  2. Agree with Carol re the Christie. Give El a hug from us, and make sure you look after you as well. Much love P&K xxx

  3. I am just surfacing for air from the new semester starting three weeks ago at the American University for which I teach online courses. I haven't had a chance to read a boater's blog in weeks and had no idea Elaine was seriously ill. We are relieved to hear she feels she is receiving good quality care. As Les says, it is hit or miss with the NHS. We will send an e-card to here. Good on you Paul for holding down the boat.
    Take care,
    Jaq and Les

    1. She had fantastic treatment through the NHS. I had the easy job of looking after the boat and animals.