Sunday, January 19, 2014

Portholes and Another Side of Stone.

We have eight portholes on the mighty Caxton - we noticed recently that the interior trim had a few small black marks due to condensation.  'To be fair', we actually get very little condensation on the windows as they are high quality double glazed portholes!

I used a bit of Oxalic acid plus gave them a good sand then a couple of coats of varnish, they are now looking rather swish.  Elaine also washed the curtains, they hadn't been done for.....a while!   

It was such a lovely day we took the doggies for a good walk but after Friday's walk through the Somme we thought we would try and avoid more mud, so where to go?

Stone Industrial Park of course, as recommended by fellow boater and dog owner, Roly.

I was expecting some tatty old, run down industrial park, but no, it's all rather flash and modern, and most importantly...... 

.......No MUD!!

I wondered where people worked in Stone, now I know.

We also walked Diane and Ray's dog Banjo, as Diane had gone to Birmingham to meet Ray (he has been in Oz for the last couple of months). 

Diane and Ray popped around this afternoon to pick up Banjo.  Ray was a man bearing gifts.....three packets of Tim Tams, which are the Aussie version of Penguins except they are 1000% better!

As you see one packet has already been semi-demolished.....don't call me a fat b****rd ...

Whilst I have been writing up the blog Elaine has been busy baking making soap ...

So that's that another weekend nearly gone.  The only one thing to finish it off on a high......Sunday Roast up the Spoons!

Talking of pubs, last night we went up to The Railway at Norton Bridge, where the new landlady seems to be going strong and was her usual friendly self ... the beer's not bad either!

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