Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whilst Elaine Has Been Away.......

........I have been busy preparing for her return. 

Today I have cleaned and disinfected the boat from stem to stern to try and stop any chance of infection.

Another thing I was worried about was that the dogs tend to jump on ones belly when sleeping, this could be a real problem as they could do some serious damage to her stitches plus it would be bloody painful.

I had a plan to just cut a square out of a cardboard box and sit it on her belly. I thought I would check with the engineer extraordinaire Tom from NB Waiouru. His reply was rather blunt " If she farts the whole bloody thing will collapse, I will design you a box fit for purpose" 

He sent me a CAD drawing of a Isosceles trapezoid masterpiece.

I quickly manufactured it out of surgical cardboard, it is fully gusseted and held together with hypo allergenic masking tape, I used my laser guided stanley knife to get a good clean cut.

So what do you reckon, if the dogs try to jump her they will just slide off the sides.

Bombo modeled it so you get the idea. I Wonder if I could sell the idea to the NHS. 

I also brought a mop so that she can clean the floor standing plus it will also be a good crutch. She usually cleans the floor on her hands and knees, well she wont be able to do that for a while.

I have also found 10kg bags of coal as she wont be able to carry the 25 kilo bags for a while!

Nice new mop. 

Serious Bit....

I went to visit her yesterday and the poor girl was in a real sorry state, the had removed the epidural and within a couple of hours she was in serious pain. Elaine is a really strong person so to see her so upset was rather disconcerting, her nurse was also crying because she just couldn't stop the pain no matter what pain killers she gave her. I received a message late last night that she was feeling much better and was having a good sleep.

She rang me this morning to say she was feeling a lot better.

Ray and Diane from NB Ferndale have gone up to see her this arvo, I will go up this evening.

Finally Elaine would like to thank you for the many e-greetings she received, yesterday they had delivered 34 to her!  


  1. Tom's CAD must be askew those base angles should be equal. Quality manufacturing though.

    1. Those laser stanley knives are the dogs bollocks.

  2. What a clever bloke you are... A stroke of genius buying a mop. I'm sure Elaine will be itching to put it to use as soon as she gets back!

    Best wishes to you both

    Cheers, Alistair

    1. Im always thinking of the welfare of others Alistair.

  3. I love the belly protector, but think you should paint it pink! Let's hope El is over the worst of the pain - hugs to all five of you.x

  4. Hope that Elaine is feeling much better, please give her our regards when you see her next. xx Re the mop - yes I’m sure she’ll be itching to use it as soon as she’s home - she’ll put it somewhere painful Paul and tell you to ‘go mop'

    1. She was feeling a lot better today, and is looking forward to use her new mop!

  5. Paul,

    You don't appear to have fully followed my design and construction instructions. Where is the No8 fencing wire, baling twine and gaffa tape?

    Just don't let Elaine wear it outside or people will think she is giving birth to a garden shed!


  6. I am really impressed with Toms design and your workmanship, but I agree it needs painting but in a Anti-Microbial Paint. I have also posted you the NHS Infection Control manual for a little bit of bed time reading and the recommended cleaning schedule. I think the mop is lovely but think you need to make sure you have a prescription for pain killers for when El is well enough to put it where the sun don't shine! Send her our love, hope they have sorted her pain relief out now. x

  7. Oh bless Elaine, I hope they can get her pain levels under more control asap. Give her our love and hugs.

    1. Thanks Sandra, they seem to have the pain sorted