Friday, January 17, 2014

A Walk Through The Somme!

We decided to go for a nice country walk today but rather than heading towards Stone down the towpath, we turned left and headed towards Burston. 

We had a chat with the local C&RT enforcement chappie who was putting a notice on NB Mallard ... well he has only been around here for two years! 

Diane from NB Ferndale came with us, bringing Banjo along for a walk ...

The towpath was a tad muddy and very slippery, it was hard going!

Bombo loved it and dived head first into the mud, he was covered in it ...

We took him to the groomers yesterday, I don't think he liked smelling nice!  I asked Bombo what the hell he was playing at, the bloody groomer had cost us £33.00!  He replied that he was doing his Mel Gibson Braveheart impersonation ... I told him he didn't look anything like him as he is a lot taller than Mel Gibson!  

We reached our destination and decided to head back to the marina via the inland route away from the canal, for sure it wouldn't be as muddy as the towpath......

Big mistake, it was very, very, very muddy ...

At some spots the water nearly came over the top of my wellies, we kept getting stuck in the real thick mud, it was like quicksand.  Sammie and Banjo didn't mind going through the deep water but Bombo had to be carried !

We finally made it to a decent path ...

But not for long ...

We all thoroughly  enjoyed our Somme reenactment!

We were well knackered when we got back to the marina at 16.30. What to do next, well it was Friday ... let's all go to the pub, so we met up at the Exchange with Diane, Andy, Sue and Roly.  I would have to say the beer went down really well, the girls enjoyed their large glasses of mulled wine too!

Hopefully it will snow soon! 


  1. Careful what you wish for! Snow? No thanks! George says that he thought Mel was at least 4’ 2”?

    1. Love snow! Mel is about 3' 6", A true mental midget!

  2. Hi. Thats our boat Beefur in your photo taken from Br86 at Burston yesterday. The mud on the towpath is really bad - better than ice though! Sue NB Beefur

    1. You wouldn't have welcomed us aboard we were a tad muddy!