Monday, January 27, 2014

Australia Day at Aston Marina

It was an Australia Day theme at the Aston Marina Monday boaters meeting.

The exterior and interior were decorated with Australiana. I believe the decorations were courtesy of Diane and Elly.

It was a very good turnout, with all the regulars plus some guests.

We had a toast to the missing Aussie, Elaine!

We even had an Aussie themed cake!

I arrived late and left early as I was waiting on the boat for the surgeon to ring me. Ring me he did as promised, in his words "The operation couldn't have gone any better"  I drove up to Manchester this evening, she felt a bit cold and tired but was still smiling, she is such a brave girl, I nearly faint having a blood test! 


  1. Road to recovery now Elaine, very best wishes.

  2. Hi Paul, so pleased for you both and yes indeed she’s a very brave girl. Hope now that she will recover quickly and be back to her old self. xx

  3. Fantastic News....... Please pass on our best wishes

    Tom & Jan

  4. Thank you all for your kind words.


  5. Onward and upward……you look so cute in your pom pom hat (pom pom!!!!on Australia Day!!!!)
    Much love
    Stephen & Jayne :)
    nb Dolce Far Niente

  6. And she's STILL smilin' - get well soon Elaine
    From James & Deb