Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Long Day To The Chateau! (6/5/14)

Elaine has had two days bashing away at the keys, so I'm afraid you are back with me and the resultant crap grammar and spelling.

Before we left last night's delightful mooring I took the dogs for a walk around the village, where we met up with a very scary goose.  The dogs decided to bark at him but Mr Goose would have none of it and pecked at both of them on their noses, which scared the crap out of the pair of them! 

As soon as we got back to the van Sammie hid under the bed clothes, he was traumatised!
Chateau Larcher 002

First stop Maccas for coffee and free wifi!  
Chateau Larcher 004

I received a reply from Fair FX re the problems I was having with their card ... they replied to Mrs Forster about a completely different problem!!  I wrote a reply demanding that they ring me up as they are completely incompetent - 10 hours later I am still waiting to hear.  Mind you I have now used the card a few times and it now appears to be working!

Next to Maccas was a supermarket so we popped in to buy some basic supplies…..French wine at £2.50 a bottle or $4.47 AUD!!  Whilst in the supermarket I also bought a universal car charger for Big Bertha, as the old one overheated and melted when we were in Dover!

As soon as we got in the van and hooked it up….nada, not a bloody thing!  The charge light came on at one point for 30 secs and that was it.  Back in the shop we went!  This is going to be fun we thought and it was.  Trying to explain that it didn't work was fun, but the lady behind the counter would have none of it as we had opened the (sealed plastic) box!!   I couldn't find the French phrase for 'How the f**k can I try it without opening the f'kin box?!'   However, there was a phrase for 'I am going to insert the f'kin charger where the sun don't shine'.  Et voila!  It had the desired effect she gave us another one which worked fine!  The actual problem was that as we had opened the box she wouldn't give us a refund ... once we explained that we wanted to swap for another one they were fine.  We left on the best of terms. kissing each other on the cheeks numerous times as the French do. (Bit of poetic licence there Paul?  El)

On we went heading south through some lovely towns and villages.
Chateau Larcher 006
Chateau Larcher 007
Chateau Larcher 008

But what?
Chateau Larcher 011

Check out the trams in Tours, super clean….Chateau Larcher 013

…And futuristic looking
Chateau Larcher 015 

We stopped at a roadside cafe for a snack ... (Yep, El had the bubble coat back on as it was a bit chilly!)
Chateau Larcher 017

Bloody hell - we were back in macc!
Chateau Larcher 020

We stopped at a Aire (mobile home campsite) which was huge!  It was next to some strange theme park which would mean little scrotes, so we drove on for another 20 mins to find…….
Chateau Larcher 022

… this perfect spot, there was a charge for 4 Euros, but that included electricity ...
Chateau Larcher 024

It was on the outskirts of a lovely little village called Chateau-Larcher. Some pics below…..
Chateau Larcher 026

Chateau Larcher 027
Chateau Larcher 028

Chateau Larcher 029
Oh look what's close by
Chateau Larcher 030
Elaine nearly wet herself when she spotted these weeds, apparently they are something to with witch craft and are called Woolly Mullein ...
Chateau Larcher 033

Artistic shot of the day ...
Chateau Larcher 034

I would have to say that I am loving driving in France ... no probs with driving on the wrong side of the road.  Although the driving isn't up to the English standard it is still well above the Aussie standard, mind you that isn't too hard.

Another plus is that diesel is approx £1.08 a litre in the supermarket servos.

Here is where we are (were) at ...

 ... and here is our luxurious Macca's for today ... not a soul around!  We had our first ever McFlurry and a Frappe today ... yum!


  1. Are you sure that it is primarily the wifi that drags you into Maccas or is the wifi just a bonus. Love to you both.

    1. Even the McDonald chicks behind the counter look like models!

  2. Damm clever that dog pointing out where you are!

  3. Elaine, why is the mullein a witchy plant? We've got it in our garden! Should we be scared??!

    1. Thats what I call her herbal medicine.....witchcraft! Apparently its a good herb for coughs and earache!