Wednesday, May 28, 2014

From The Sublime To The Ridiculous!

They don’t like you washing your motorhome on the Aires sites, but as we were on a marina and they were water blasting yacht hulls I thought I would give the bus a good wash. She scrubbed up rather well.  I was amazed how much brake dust come off the front wheels and doors  .. after today there would be a lot more!
puerto banus 053 
Whilst I was hard at work, Elaine was bonding with a very old stray dog, the poor old boy was on his last legs.  (A dutch lady in the van behind us had taken him in as a Rescue ‘to give him some happiness in his last days’).
puerto banus 055
We left Seville on our way to Puerto Banus near Marbella, with a stop on the way at Ronda which is located in the Sierra something mountains.

We stopped for fuel, and noticed there was also a motorhome service point there as well, all free!  They certainly cater for the motorhomes in Europe …
puerto banus 058

The scenery was quite stunning as we headed towards Ronda …
puerto banus 066

And, as per usual, very little road traffic …
puerto banus 072

The roads are superb for motorbikes, long sweeping bends with very good visibility on most of the bends. I love this road sign …
puerto banus 074

We were going up and down mountain roads like no-one’s business.  Even though I go very easy on the brakes and use a lower gear on the long descents, there was still a good smell of burning brakes!
puerto banus 076
his lake was the most fascinating shade of blue but there were only rough dirt tracks leading down to it ..
puerto banus 079

We arrived at Ronda, and it looked the most fascinating place, but we just couldn’t find a spot to park the bus …
puerto banus 088

This is the only shot we got of the famous bridge. T he parking problem is going to happen every now and and again, as it is a bit of a big bugger to find a spot for especially in some historic town with very narrow streets …
puerto banus 089

We stopped for lunch in the van just out side Ronda, then carried on along the mountain passes towards the Mediterranean coast.
Concentrate man!  There were even some goats on the road to contend with!
puerto banus 095

At least they had crash barriers to stop you plummeting to certain death!
puerto banus 096

Our first views of the Med …
puerto banus 102

There were some incredibly nice houses as we came down the mountains and got closer to the coast …
puerto banus 105
We arrived at Puerto Banus and tried to find a parking spot amongst the beautiful people’s Bentleys, Porches and Aston Martins.  We nearly gave up but managed to find a spot in a dead end street, I thought we fitted in rather well …
puerto banus 123

Off we went on walkabout to check out the opulence ….
 puerto banus 109

It is a an amazing place, full of designer shops and so different from anything else we have seen in Spain or Portugal.  There were a lot of beautiful strutting their stuff but what really made us laugh was when we saw some 12 year old girls, rolling along on their segways, whilst chatting on their mobile phones!  Ridiculous, really!
puerto banus 110

This was going to be my new outfit, but the shorts alone were over 200 quid!
puerto banus 112

There were some serious super yachts moored up in the harbour …
puerto banus 114

I liked this little ship …
puerto banus 115

It’s a place well worth visiting.  We were invited into some very exclusive and expensive restaurants along our walk, to which we said, “sorry, we can’t, we have the dogs with us”!  “No problem” they replied, “the doggies can dine with you”. 
puerto banus 116

Super models sandwiched between super yachts …
puerto banus 119 
We left Puerto Banus and drove through a very busy Marbella and then we decided to stop at a campsite for the night, just out side of Marbella at a place called Cabopino.
As I went to take a photo of our location, Geoffrey walked across the hi tech mapping device …
Hmmmm, try again. That's better …
Where we stayed …
Cabopina Campsite – Marbella, Andalucia
Coordinates:  N 36o  29’ 21”     W4o  44’  35”
(o = degrees … I can’t find a superscript in live writer !)
In ACSI book so it was 16 Euros a night.  Wifi is extra at 3 Euros an hour or 7 Euros a day !!
Nice campsite .. loads of space for motorhomes, very efficient, clean, good services etc.  Italian restaurant on site (very expensive) and Indian restaurant close by.  Bar on site too but stunk too much because everyone was smoking under the shade.
Beach is a little walk away … not too far.


  1. I spy with my little eye the Costa Blanca is at last on the map!!! Yehhh! Oh I'm so with you! I'm off outside to take some photos of the HORRIBLE weather we've got here for the blog it's like the middle of winter. 20 seconds will bring icicles to my nose. So frustrating when we've got a house that's baking in the sun. AGGHHH

    Keep the fun going,

    Heth xxx

    1. Hi Heth
      Its a bit windy today but still warm, have you left the keys under the door mat, we will check out your house for you, Elaine is dying for a bath!
      Paul xx

  2. Here is your degrees ---> °

    Pop that in a txt doc then you can copy/paste it just like I used to do!

    I use another way now, get Outertech Clipboard History then you can store all the oddies like ½ ¼ ¾ and just use a key to bring up the list to copy/paste!

  3. You could also try holding the ALT key and typing 167 on the numeric keypad to get your º

  4. or try Alt 0 1 7 6 = °

  5. Hi sun lovers
    We are after some advice as we are going to follow suit and head for Europe and some sunshine in a couple of years. Given you experience of Aires, roads and parking what do you think would be the optimum length MH to consider?
    We are going to take ourselves off to the Midland Motorhome show at the beginning of July When Yarwood is with Wharfhouse and we have wheels for a few weeks. I want A class, though RV's appeal, but we think that the length but be an issue.
    X Lesley

  6. Hi Guys, Ours is 7.74m or 25ft 5" Because we are living in for a long time, we wanted a decent length and a fixed bed. We have no real problems getting down any of the streets, as long as you stay around the 25ft mark you will be fine. Dead easy to drive, good visibility with the reversing camera. I too prefer the A class but because we may take this back to Oz it had to have the habitation door on the port side and Autotrail is sold in Oz so it should be easier to get it imported. Of course once you get to the decent weather you can use the awning and double the space. Aires are brilliant, there are thousands in France but not so many in Spain and Portugal. You have plenty of time to research it so you will be fine. The big motorhome shows at the NEC are the go, they are held in October and February. We are loving it.

  7. Will email you with the address, so if you get round that way you can go and have a nosy. Sorry no keys there and it's locked down like a flippin fortress!! lol


    1. No worries, we will check it out.
      Paul xx