Monday, May 19, 2014

Dreams Happen, OK!

More about happening dreams later …

The motorhome ranks grew during the night, a chap pulled in next to us at nearly midnight.  We are not sure whether the Spanish will tolerate the parking overnight on the beach front but the Portugeezers don't seem to mind.  We certainly enjoy it as it’s free … it’s like mooring up in a narrowboat again.

We moved off quite early as it was a Sunday and I didn't want to hog a beach goer’s spot, plus as the cars arrived we could have been hemmed in and not be able to move.

Porto Covo 002

First stop was Maccas at Setabul where we posted the blog and checked emails etc.  Bombo was sunbathing already …

Porto Covo 007

Setabul looked to be a very nice town.  We had a walk around in the lovely morning sun …

Porto Covo 008

We  carried on for a bit and then stopped at a little village for brekkie.  We spotted Mr Stork in his/her nest. Makes a change from Herons!  We have actually seen quite a few of these nests along the way but this is the first one we have managed to photograph!

Porto Covo 009

The nest was atop a church bell tower …
Porto Covo 012

Our destination for today was Porto Cove.  We parked up, this was the view out the front of the van …

Porto Covo 014

This was the view out the back…..a lovely nuclear power station!!!

Porto Covo 015

It was such a lovely day that the happy shorts made their first appearance …

Porto Covo 016

I went for a swim, the water was lovely and warm – the  nuclear power station cooling water outlets will warm the water to a balmy 28 degrees! Another advantage is that Elaine will never lose me at night as I now glow in the dark; we also save on battery power as I light up half the van!

Porto Covo 020

Elaine had a little paddle …

Porto Covo 027

They don’t sweep the beaches with metal detectors, they sweep them with Geiger counters!  A chap said I was off the Richter scale and suggested we move away further up the beach… we did.  This is today’s side hatch view …

Porto Covo 028

And there we are, all parked up for the rest of the day and night …

Porto Covo 030

This is the dream bit…..

When we were moored up in Aston Marina and the van was parked up in the carpark, we dreamt of the day when we would be parked up by a beach, chairs out, drinking wine and being totally and utterly relaxed.  Today was it!

Porto Covo 033

There is a shower point on the side of the van, supplying hot and cold water.  It is also very handy for washing off radio active waste!

Porto Covo 034

Elaine went for a swim …

Porto Covo 041

And stayed in there for yonks….it was a most perfect day.

Porto Covo 042

And here we are.  Tomorrow we should hit the Algarve.

At the time of publishing this post we are sitting in a bar in Sagres in the Algarve (right on the tip of Portugal) ... we were forced into a bar to use their wifi as there was no Macca's on the way today !


  1. Love your happy shorts! You need a hat like Gord's to go with them!

  2. Hey guys, im loving your blog, but in this post you made it with a couple of errors.
    1- Its Setubal, not setabul...
    2- Its not a nuclear power station, its Termoelectric, they burn coal to make electricity..

    Cheers ;)
    Portuguese guy