Thursday, May 8, 2014

To the beach! 7/5/14

El here again … I am blogging because Paul faffs about too much and if I don’t get it done he will still be faffing at midnight … again !!  We are seriously getting into our old boating habits ie late nights and late mornings and getting to places late and eating late etc etc … it has to stop!!! 

Evidence here of our bad habits … we were the only van left in the Aire at Chateau Larcher this morning … OK, late morning !  The other motorhome-ers missed out though because a bread van came around, selling delicious fresh bread!


Sammie had a little drive when we set off …P1060403

Then he got bored and stuck his head out of the window instead …P1060405

We drove and drove today but couldn’f find a Macca’s so we stopped at a motorway stop for a spot of (late) lunch and to sample our freshly bought baguette!  Parked next to us was this motorhome with a stunning 2 CV being towed along …P1060413

We carried on … today the areas we passed through were very flat and the lorries are bumper to bumper in parts along the dual carriageways … but they are not allowed to overtake in lots of areas, so they look like they are in a massive convoy …

P1060419    P1060416

Passed this place …what the?  Le Prat !P1060420

Eventually we found a Macca’s – did what we needed to and carried on a little way to a huge Aire at Capbreton.  Tom Tom failed us again … taking us into a cul-de-sac but we found it by following road signs showing ‘Aire du Camper Car’.  This Aire is behind some huge sand dunes on the beach … pretty spectac but you have to pay to stay here … the rate being 10.50 Euros a night but includes Electricity and Water …


Views from the top of the dunes at the back of the Aire …


It was a bit chilly when we got here (late!) so we put our jackets on and took the dogs for a long walk.  Bombo absolutely loves the beach and Sammie absolutely detests it!  It may be the noise of the waves that Sammie hates so much and the waves were very busy today !


Beaut sunset…P1060428

Bombolicious …P1060429

Crazy surfers …


Crazy paddlers – brrrrrrr…


On this beach there are massive bits of concrete all over the place.  Paul reckons they are something to do with the war but we can’t Google it to find out, so answers on a postcard please !


Sunset was drawing close so we headed back --- Bombo found himself another stick …



A panorama shot from the top of the dune (at the back of the Aire) …


So, this is where we are up to today … tomorrow we will reach Spain !  Hmmm – better find another map !



  1. The answer to your question is it is most likely to be the remnants of Hitler's Atlantic Wall, coastal defences that stretched from Spain to Scandinavia. Currently being restored in parts by enthusiasts which is causing some controversy amongst those who remember why it was built. Read about it here: Happy to help ;-)

    1. Yep part of Hitlers Atlantic Wall, all built by slave labour!

  2. Caroline and MartinMay 8, 2014 at 12:37 PM

    They look like the concrete gun emplacements from the war, they were all along the west coat, we go to Royan regularly and there are loads there too, quite a lot on the beach now due to coastal erosion. Caroline

    1. Huge structure, but no match for the sea.

  3. Glad you appreciated that beautiful 2CV! My first car was a blue one and I loved it to bits. I cried when we sold it (couldn't get 2 child seats in the back!)
    Debby :)

    1. We still fancy a 2CV one day, simple motoring