Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This is last night’s mooring.  As I said yesterday we would have another look  around Sagres to see if we could say anything nice about it!

We had a healthy breakfast at a trendy little cafe, which was very nice but most of the customers had a look of misery about them … perhaps they had just started their two week holiday  in Sagres and realised this was as good as it was going to get!
We pulled up outside the internet restaurant from yesterday … the wifi signal reached the van which was good, so we spent a good hour having an internet fix!  Good job really as there are no Maccas around these parts!  Talking of Maccas we had a few enquires at to what is this ‘Maccas’ that we speak of!!!  I thought it was a worldwide thing, but I discovered this morning that only Aussies call McDonalds ‘Maccas’, so there ya go … sorry for the confusion!
We went down to the Sagres  quayside … still bloody awful. Sorry, Sagres - we just don’t get it.
Elaine prepared the road-trip-nibbles of cherries, grapes, cheese and brazil nuts.  We bought the fruit from roadside vendors at incredibly cheap prices and they are incredibly yummy.
On the non skid mat they go, TomTom programmed and away we go.
Our first destination was only 20 mins away …Praia De Luz, probably most famous as the place where poor little Maddy McCann was taken :-(
Unfortunately we only got one pic as we approached, but it was a top spot. Elaine was too busy navigating me down the narrow little streets that said ‘No Autocaravannas (No Motorhomes)’ to take the photos as well!   We made it to the centre of the village but we were a tad too big and I couldn't hide the van no matter how hard I tried.  We did find somewhere we could potentially park just out of town but it was raining this morning (!)and we didn’t feel like walking in it!   It really did look like a terrific place, so we are going back tomorrow to check it out properly.
We drove on for another 20 mins and parked up on a free Aire site in Lagos.
At first it looked a bit grim.  Check out this tasteful block of flats…. but look carefully at the top of the pic…..
If it’s good enough for Mr Stork, it’s good enough for us!  There are hundreds of the buggers down here … where is the Stork’s native land?
We are very pleased to report that Lagos is most pleasant, with a super modern new marina complex…..
… plus a lovely old town. The Jacarandas were ‘flowering’!  We had one of these bastard trees in our old house above the pool and when the thing was flowering it stuffed the pool cleaner and filters big-time.  I was constantly cleaning them every day for about a month.  I so much wanted to kill it but the old boy who lived behind us used to get all excited when it flowered plus I reckon he might have dobbed me in to the council!
Loads of little alleyways and narrow streets to explore, it was a delight.
After all the walking we had to stop for a beer.  (Actually a freshly squeezed orange juice for me!  El)
Here is tonight's parking spot.  It looks a bit crap, but it is close to the centre of town and it has water plus grey and black water dumps.  Like a  lot of the free Aires sites it sits next to a sports ground so there is heaps of room, this one hold 20 vans.  I wonder why this concept of free parking for motorhomes hasn’t taken off in the UK or Australia.  The Britstops work well in the UK but it is generally country pubs with parking for very few motorhomes.  Mind you it could be worse, the poor buggers with caravans aren’t welcome anywhere.  They have to stop at official camp sites and pay the going rate.
Nearly forgot the Brrrrrr bit.  It was a bit chilly this morning, still shorts, t-shirt and crocs, but there was a chill in the air.  On the walk back to the van late this afternoon it got bloody cold and just as we got back to the van it absolutely pissed down …and still is as I am typing this with my two fingers!


  1. Hi Both,
    Around the AmyJo household Maccas is known as Macci Dees :-)
    Love the blog and hope all is well.

    1. They are still pretty rotten places whatever we call them, but the wifi is good!

  2. A little explanation about "Aires" for us downunder. You say they are free, but is there a charge for emptying the nasties? are there any power points? Sounds a bit like the rest areas here, but they don't have the services. The campervan association here is having to counteract the caravan park owners who want to make it illegal to use the rest areas, and force everyone to stay in their expensive parks.

    1. Aires are basic sites mostly run by local councils to encourage motorhomes to stopover and use the town/village facilities, some are free some charge a nominal amount approx 4 euros. Some just have a parking spot some have elec, water, waste toilets and showers etc. You buy a book that lists the Aires and what they offer, there are thousands of them throughout Europe. Caravans are not allowed to use them, plus you cannot put out awnings, chairs and tables etc. you are supposed to stay no longer than 48 hours, which is enough time to explore the local town/village. So they are no threat to the established campsites.