Monday, May 26, 2014

Elaine Gets Guru’ed

I had a great night last night I went down the local bar to watch ‘The Champions League’ final and sat with a bunch of Portugeezers.  We didn't understand each other apart from…”GOOOAAAAALLLLL”!!
While we were at the Motorhome park we made good use of the wifi.  It was lightning fast, which was just super.
We did our stuff at the service point this morning.  It was also super and clean …
santa luzia 005
Elaine took a stork shot while I was filling the van with water.  He was way off in the distance ..santa luzia 009
You had to hold your hand on the tap in the service area - it was a very slow filler …
santa luzia 011
The site manager was a nice Dutchman .  He and Elaine got talking and it turned out he was ‘a healer’ – or so El tells me – and they had a lot to talk about in a short time!   So, I left them to have a quick woo woo session  and I sat in the van for my last, fast internet fix before we left …
santa luzia 014
So, it was bye bye Silves, which was a really nice place, with no crappy Irish pubs and pissed up poms wearing football shirts.  Not that there is anything wrong with wearing a football shirt if you are watching your team play at a game of on the TV in a bar, but to have it as your main holiday dress code I  find a bit strange.  I will wear my Aussie shirt when Spain play Australia in the world cup in a couple of weeks, that could be fun!
 santa luzia 016
We motored off to the Portuguese coast once again and once again there was no traffic.
We turned off to Faro, with Espanha (Spain) straight ahead.  We will hit the Spanish border tomorrow …
santa luzia 026
First stop was Fuzeta, and for the first time we spotted signs saying ‘No Autocaravanas’ (Motorhomes) along the sea front.
santa luzia 027

We parked up anyway but decided to go for a look around then move on to a motorhome-friendly place later in the arvo.
Not a bad little place, with mostly Portuguese tourists, but like everywhere else it was very quiet.
They had a great outdoor gym.  We have seen a lot of these in little towns and villages - they are great, everything works and nothing has been vandalised.
We had a mini workout … we don’t want to lose too much weight!
  santa luzia 035
Push you fat bastard!
santa luzia 037
We particularly liked these, they were bicycle pedals at the foot of normal park benches, so you could sit, have a chat and peddle away.
santa luzia 042
I was trying to work up a sweat so I would appreciate a beer even more …
santa luzia 044
We left Fuzeta and drove 20 mins up the coast to Santa Luzia.  It is a  lovely little fishing village with very narrow streets that we drove down … thank you Madam Tom Tom!!
santa luzia 047
Check out the mirror, a fag paper each side….plenty of room!
santa luzia 048
We soon found a gaggle of motorhomes parked up on some waste ground on the ocean front - great spot right on the front …
santa luzia 049
We went for a walk along the packed prom!
santa luzia 050
Check out the roof of these houses…..
santa luzia 051
Neat eh?
santa luzia 052
We had a drink at one of the bars along the front.  We were the only English speakers – it’s quite strange when they are all jabbering away and you can’t understand a thing – we have decided it is like being deaf.
santa luzia 053 
Elaine said there is a crossing in London just like this where some famous band walked across it for a equally famous album cover.
santa luzia 055
A colourful little fishing boat …
santa luzia 056
Whilst in the bar Elaine was playing with the camera taking arty shots …
santa luzia 057
Spot the blackhead!
santa luzia 058
The tide was out.  It reminded us of the Norfolk coast except it wasn't foggy, raining, blowing a gale and freezing cold!  Apart from that it was very similar …
santa luzia 059
We like Santa Luzia, it’s lovely.
santa luzia 060
This old boy was doing a nice timber repair job on his wooden boat …
santa luzia 061
A very famous family live here…..
santa luzia 062
We knocked on the door to check him out but some woman with curlers in her hair answered the door and said….”He’s not the Messiah, he is just a very naughty boy”!
santa luzia 063
With that we took our leave and went looking for an Albatross sandwich.


Location today was: 

Santa Luzia Aire - it is really a bit of waste ground next to some apartments, but there is a water tap there. The coordinates we had were 37.10111, -7.66167 but they seemed to take you to the middle of town.  You will see the waste ground when you go into Santa Luzia (where the smiley is on the pic below) - probably with motorhomes already parked up on it!   Lovely spot - and free !

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