Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pinching Ourselves

Elaine was up early for the sunrise over the HS2 Railway …
setubul 096
These two French trucks arrived at about midnight, they are kitted out as motorhomes!  There would be plenty of room inside one of those, the fuel consumption would be pretty high though …
setubul 098
Geoffrey's new position whilst we are cruising, I think he is making the most of the A/C …
setubul 100
Give way to horse and carts on roundabouts …
setubul 102
Somehow I must have hit the OK for toll roads on TomTom as we ended up on one approaching Lisbon!  I did the correct thing and just drove straight through, ignoring all the signs … we drove straight through the next one as well, I'm not sure what the consequences will be!
setubul 111
There is a mega bridge crossing Lisbon bay …
setubul 120
And here is the HS2 approaching Lisbon Central …
setubul 129
Over the bridge we went,below there were lots of sailing boats doing their thing …
  setubul 139
This was the first heavy traffic we had encountered since leaving the UK,  Up to the left of the pic is The Angel of The North statue, recently nicked from the Geordies.
setubul 143
We then had a stop at Maccas to post yesterday’s blog and check emails.  It was bloody awful as it was a Saturday it was full of screaming kids … we didn’t even bother with a coffee, just did the required and scarpered.
Next stop was Aldi for a quick top up, this was the opposite it was deserted with only one girl running the whole shop!
setubul 149 
We reached our destination of Sesimbra, which was a delightful little port not far from Lisbon.  Here we are driving down a road we weren’t supposed to!
setubul 160
Being close to Lisbon and being Saturday it was a bit too busy so we drove around to the port and took a pic and had a quick walk around.  There really weren’t any good spots to park the bus, so we decided we would head out of Dodge and look for somewhere a little less crowded.
setubul 163
Fifteen minutes late we found it … woohoo a cliff top road with massive drops into the sea below, magic. 
setubul 164 
The views along the coast were to die for, so we stopped for lunch in a layby to work out how to get down to the little coves below …
setubul 166

setubul 167 setubul 170
The little concrete posts stop you plummeting to certain death if you veer off line …
setubul 173 setubul 176
After one error, where the road got too narrow and we had to reverse for half a mile to turn around, we found a nice spot …
setubul 181
Just a few feet from the van we had out own personal beach, not a soul there they all head off to the big beach down the road.  So … we sat … and pinched ourselves for a bit !!!
  setubul 182  It were right lovely …
setubul 185
Time to get the shirt off!! (and suck the gut in … El)
setubul 186
setubul 188
Later in the day we moved just down the road to the main beach near the entrance to Setabul harbour …
setubul 195
We parked up on the beach front for the night with some other motorhomes …
setubul 196
Once again no pommie motorhomes….where are they all?
setubul 197
… and this is where we are at …


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine, aren't you having a fabulous adventure! Really enjoying seeing all your pics!
    We are just planning our next trip, down the Thames to London - when you were there last year, where did you walk Bombo and Sam, particularly around Paddington? It would be great to be ready prepared as Meg isn't keen on weeing on concrete!
    Debby x

    1. Hi Guys, There is a grassy bit in Paddo basin, but we used to walk them to Hyde Park, only 15-20 mins away.
      Paul xx

  2. Next time at McDonalds try your laptop in the parking lot. Here in the US you can frequently connect outside.

    1. The carparks are quite small, we managed to get close enough in one so far.