Friday, May 9, 2014

We Have Arrived in Switzerland I Mean Spain!!

We left Capbreton this morning and went for the usual Maccas and wifi session … when I say Maccas I mean 2 cups of coffee.
We also popped into a supermarket for some dog food, drinking water and I had to buy a new swivel headed, extendable cleaning brush to clean the motorhome.   The last one I left on the back of the motorhome at an Aires site in France….whoops!
We didn’t want to drive too far today so we were on the road for about 3 hours.
It was a magic drive with some stunning scenery. We tried to stop off in St Jean De Luz (France) but the motorhome spots were all taken. It looked like a really nice little town.
We crossed a river and entered Spain. It seems funny to have no border controls whatsoever!  This is the grand introduction to Spain … bit sad really!
Spain 009
Just as an aside, when you drive from Sydney to Adelaide you cross the border into South Australia. You have to stop at a border patrol and your vehicle is checked to see if you are carrying any fruit!!  The penalty for taking fruit into South Australia is being hung by the neck till you are dead or spending the rest of your life in Adelaide … most people go for the hanging death as it is much quicker and less painful than death by boredom.
Also, if you are caught taking a rabbit into Queensland from New South Wales you are faced with a $30,000 dollar fine….and for once I am absolutely serious.
Getting back on track, once in Spain we got a bit lost in San Sebastian - the problem with the Tom Tom is when there are so many roads and tunnels all criss crossing it is very easy to veer off track.  We did drive around in circles a couple of times before finding our way forward !
After that it was a lovely drive following the coast …
 Spain 019
We decided to stay at a proper campsite tonight as we needed to use a washing machine.
We found a fantastic spot Near Zarautz.
This is the view from the site …
Spain 032
We will stay here for a couple of days.  We set up the awning plus got out the new u-beaut camping recliners so the ……
Spain 035
…bloody dogs could use them …
Spain 036 
As the post title says, it is like a mini Switzerland …
Spain 038
The site has a pool with no water as the season hasn't really kicked off yet, a bar which opens at weekends only at the mo.  It has an immaculate shower block though - all for 16 Euros a night including elec, wifi etc. 


  1. The border is all to do with the EU and the Schengen Agreement. The UK is not a member of the agreement but most connected mainlane EU states are, so you effectively passed Spanish immigration when you travelled into France from the UK. There are common Customs and agricultural rules so need for those checks.

    Borders are sometimes manned for specific checks, so always travel with your documents.

    Now you know why small boats risk the passage across the Med to Italy, get into Italy undetected and you are in Europe - the land of milk and honey.