Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Praia De Luz

It was blowing dogs off chains last night ... complete with very, very heavy rain!  The good thing was that I checked the internet and we had a cracking signal from the sports ground next door so we were up till way after midnight having a mega internet fix. We even had a viber chat with the old Aston Marina 'Hard Core' Crew, who are now scattered around England but with a couple rendezvousing at Crick.

We serviced the motorhome at the water point this morning and also had a chat to a couple of Aussies who were moored next to us.  The Aussies were in a Dutch van, they do swaps with their Aussie motorhome and come over to Europe every year;  they did a swap with a narrowboat a couple of years ago.  They were pretty ancient but were living life to the max!

praia de luz 002

Just around the corner was a lovely supermarket, so we topped up with fresh veggies and fruit ... and incredibly cheap wine!
praia de luz 004

Two storks today……
praia de luz 005

….sat upon a pole in the supermarket car park, they were clattering there beaks like no ones business!

praia de luz 006

We drove back to Praia De Luz, and found a nice spot on top of a cliff just outside the village.

praia de luz 007

What a lovely little village it is, this church stands in the middle of the village.

praia de luz 008

The sea was angry today 'my friends'(Seinfeld anyone?).  It was still blowing a Hooley, we were moored up in the centre of the pic, just in front of some mega expensive looking villas.  I did overhear one of the residents saying 'Lock up everything the Pikeys have turned up' when we moored up!

praia de luz 009 

It is a lovely spot, totally geared up or the tourist, who happen to be mostly poms.

praia de luz 011

Hardly anyone around still, but we are very early in the season, and all the winter tourists or 'hibernators' as they call them in these parts have migrated back to the UK so this is an in-between time.

praia de luz 012

Deserted beach, not because it was cold but it was just too windy, all the brollies are folded down.

praia de luz 013

I would recommend this place for a visit if you like the sun and beach but still want your Englishness….

praia de luz 014

The wind is due to die down tonight then it is sunshine all the way for a while.

praia de luz 015

Lovely villa, but is is an exy place ...

praia de luz 016

There is even The Bull Pub, complete with ...

praia de luz 017

...  Butties!

praia de luz 018

We had lunch back at the van then drove off along the coast to Alvor, which is where my brother goes for his hols every year.

The parking spot is in a huge parking lot which is a bit muddy at the mo, but will soon dry out with the sun and wind.  It has water, power, grey water and black water dumps for 4.00 Euros a night!

praia de luz 023

The town and beach are a two minute walk away.  We will go for an explore and dinner later this evening.

praia de luz 024

Back to the hi-tech GPS furry pen, here is tonight's location…


And in close up ...


I think from now on all the beachy  places along the Algarve coast will be geared up to the pommie tourist.  I guess if you don't like that stick to the Atlantic west coast and northern Spain where they are geared up to the Portuguese and Spanish tourist or not geared up for tourists at all!

I havn't done some statistics for a while so here they are ...

Mileage 2314.2 miles
Average miles per gallon 22.6
Average speed 30 mph
Driving time = gone mad so can’t say !!


  1. Hi both, I've been having trouble posting comments so here's hoping this gets through ...
    We are hoping to get down to London on our next trip - at last! When you were in Paddington, did you find any nearby green areas to walk the dogs? We can see a few on the satellite maps but have no idea if they are 'dogs allowed' or not!
    We are enjoying your adventures in foreign parts - keep up the good work!
    Debby and Dave

    1. There is a large green patch at the end of the basin, but Hyde Park is only about 15-20 mins walk away, plenty of grass there