Thursday, May 22, 2014

Uh Oh Accident!

I took a couple of pics of Alvor Beach yesterday, very nice it was to but deserted as it was still windy.

I took the dogs for a walk around town to check it out.  It's quite a nice little town, once again heavily geared up for the tourist, some of it nice, some of it tacky. One thing that really disturbs me is that most Portuguese towns and villages seem to have stray dogs just hanging around.  Generally, they seem to be well fed and cause no problems but last night a pack caught me out by surprise and surrounded Bombo and Sammie.  They were acting very aggressively and snarling like the Hound of The Baskervilles!  I really thought they were going to tear the boys to bits but I think they were protecting their patch.  As I gingerly walked away they stayed put.  Later on in the walk another dog come flying in aggressively so I quickly snatched up the boys.  We are going to have to be very careful here.  Hopefully Spain will be better.    

Alvor Beach

Spot the Tourist

Whilst I was out walking the boys, Elaine made me up anther Shambala type bracelet ... te old one next to it is looking a bit faded.

We went into the town last night for dinner, and ending up in an Indian restaurant!  We then popped into one of the local bars for a late drink.  I was talking to the bar manager about the dogs and I asked him why they don't do something about them.  He basically said no one cares about them, he said one of them even had a notice around its neck saying 'stay away, I bite'!  As much as I love animals I would shoot the buggers, they really are horrible dogs.

So today's plans were to go down to Alvor to take some pics then head inland for a change. 
But for some strange reason this morning Bombo had an accident and pissed all over the bed whilst still asleep!  He has never done it before, but the bed was saturated in dog piss (luckily missing the mattress).  Perhaps he was having a bad dream about being ripped apart by stray dogs.

Consequently we had to cancel all plans and head to a campsite with washing machines and wash all the bed gear.

We had to back track a bit but found a very nice site, about 15 mins away from Alvor.

I set up the awning,chairs and tables so we had lunch outside  We then did, or the machine did. four loads of washing!  Eat your heart out Bruce from Sanity :-)   

Once that was all done we went for a walk around the huge site and ended up in the bar!

Lovely pool with one person in it!

Elaine isn't feeling 100% so we will have a rest day tomorrow and just hang around the pool.
The wind has dropped right off so it is nice and warm but no where near hot.


  1. Had the same problem with dogs when on holiday on the Algarve. I think they recognise English!!!! Lot's of expat females of a certain age tend to feed them, so they associate Brit's/ Auzzies with food.

  2. Apparently the cops dont shoot them any more, it upsets the tourists!

  3. Do they have a law against shooting "...expat females of a certain age" then? LOL