Sunday, May 11, 2014

Caught Up In A War Zone!!

After two restful days it was time to head west along the northern coast of Spain.
We had only gone a couple of k’s when we came across an obstruction…
Spain 10th May 14 002
No worries  we are in no hurry but the cars were squeezing past …
Spain 10th May 14 003
The coast road is just superb, we stopped at a couple of lookouts……
Spain 10th May 14 004
…to check out the views (not too shabby!) …
Spain 10th May 14 005
At Deba (another seaside town) there was a triathlon going on, so we were held up for about an hour.  The chap in the blue shirt was getting very irate with the officials – waving his arms around like nobody’s business !!
Spain 10th May 14 008
Very fit buggers these triatheletes …
Spain 10th May 14 010
There we are, fourth vehicle back …
Spain 10th May 14 011
Mostly the people seem to live in flats in these parts …
Spain 10th May 14 013
The scenery just gets better and better …
Spain 10th May 14 015 Spain 10th May 14 017
We drove into Laredo, where there were a lot of tents and people dressed up in period costume in the town centre park …
Spain 10th May 14 018 Spain 10th May 14 019
Bombo said, ‘this looks interesting’….little did he know!
Spain 10th May 14 020 
We parked up just on the outskirts of town in a very flash neighbourhood and walked back along the prom towards the town centre …
Spain 10th May 14 023 
Apparently they were having an re-enactment of the war between Spain and France a few hundred years ago. There were a lot of street bars and stalls with the staff dressed up for the occasion …
Spain 10th May 14 025
We thought we would sit on the bench with our newly bought, big fat pizza slices and watch the goings on.  What we forgot about of course is that with a re-enactment there is a lot of gunfire and explosions … Bombo  wasn’t too bad but Sammie was terrified.
Spain 10th May 14 026
They wrapped up our pizzas and we hot footed it off to the beach away from the noise, where the dogs were a lot happier but Sammie hadn’t quite forgiven us yet …
Spain 10th May 14 028 
All the pavements had this pattern on them that played games with your eyes, the pavement is actually dead flat!
 Spain 10th May 14 031
We left Laredo and carried on driving … once again Laredo is dominated by flats …
Spain 10th May 14 033
Sammie was still shaking so was comforted by Elaine for the rest of the trip …
Spain 10th May 14 034
Not all the scenery is stunning …
Spain 10th May 14 035
We stopped for the night at Comillas.  We noticed quite a lot of motorhomes parked on the seafront car park, so we joined them.  There are no signs saying there is no parking plus it is right outside the cop shop so its all good, plus it’s free.  I would add that it is very very quiet at the moment so I think these small towns and villages really don't mind the motorhomes overnighting.
Spain 10th May 14 038
Oh look, there is Bombo on a sea wall now that's novel …
Spain 10th May 14 039
It’s a nice little village with a lovely beach …
Spain 10th May 14 040
That's us on the far left …
Spain 10th May 14 041
Nice little harbour and bar …
Spain 10th May 14 042
 Spain 10th May 14 043
As I type this it is Saturday night and the village is deserted apart from the motorhomes!!

Here is Elaine’s map point for today … the fluffy pen marks the spot !!
Miles clocked up since we left the boat and left Stone on 17 April 2014 = 1331
We have averaged 31 miles per hour
We have been driving for 52.39 hours
We have averaged 22.6 miles per gallon
Locks done: zero !


  1. Hi Paul, A little point that is niggling away at me for when we might try this next year. I saw you had the Aires guide for France. Do you plan overnight stops or just travel and hope for the best?

    1. You cant book the aires sites, but so fat we have had no probs finding a spot, So we just travel till something looks interesting of I have had enough of driving.

  2. Hello you four!

    Thanks for keeping us so entertained, am with you in spirit!! AND living my life through your blog at the mo. Can't wait to get back there, so fed up here to the point of feeling well and truly trapped. Work on the boat is taking TOO long (I mean it's barely started yet due to dates being fff up) and I'm nearly climbing the walls.

    The fact that it's pissing down and blowing a gale all the time doesn't help

    Never seen SO MANY boats in Mercia marina at this time of year, it's way over 3 quarters full, barely a space to be found. People must be getting wise. Shush, we've got a boat to sell lol.

    Keep on truckin' (corny but true) oh and love the pen on the map idea!

    Heth xxxx

    1. Thanks Heth, you will be living the dream soon enough, enjoy the day yada yada yada xxx

  3. Starting to sound very tempting !!

    1. It is very nice apart from the fuel bill!!