Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Day of Passes

Sammie  was in control of Autoroute today … he said enough of this motorway nonsense lets have some fun!
mojacar 006
Off we went along the deserted coast road and miles of deserted beaches.
mojacar 008
Up a narrow pass we went, only room for one on this baby.
mojacar 009
Lots of little bays along the coast road.
mojacar 014
Up another pass, will we be lucky and not meet another vehicle?
mojacar 010
We met one but I just had enough room to pull over.  It’s a bit like meeting another boat when you are on the canals, except you really don't want to scratch the paintwork let alone plummet over the edge to a hideous death!
mojacar 017
It’s a great view though.
mojacar 018
  The Med looks superb.
mojacar 019
First place we stopped was at was San Jose.
mojacar 023
Nice little place with quite a few people about.  We had a quick look then headed off up the coast
mojacar 026
Next stop was Las Negras, a very laid back alternative style village.
Bombo had his usual walk along the prom wall.
mojacar 028
We had lunch in a little cafe … we went for the Menu Del Dia (Menu of the Day).  It consisted of a strange cold soup, loads of different types of  fish, chips, bread and drinks all for 11.50 Euros.
This chap walked by with a mullet that any South Australian would be well proud of!
mojacar 029
Back into the desert.
mojacar 032
And quickly out of it into a nice little place called Carboneras.
mojacar 034
That’s the road we were heading for at the top of the pic.  It’s at times like this I’m glad the van has the more powerful engine option!  It is fitted with the optional 3.0 litre rather than the standard 2.3 litre - still not incredibly powerful but with 160hp  it pulls the 4250 kilos up these passes easily.mojacar 036 
Nice view from the top.
mojacar 038 mojacar 041
There is the road we came up.
mojacar 042
After six beers at lunch time the concentration was fading…….only joking I only had four!
mojacar 044
Just before Mojacar we spotted a decent looking beach so went to check it out.  As we were driving along the beach a 4WD flagged us down, and said the old bill would move us on if we stayed on this beach overnight, however at the other end of the beach was a little bar where the owner didn't mind if you parked in his car park overnight.  We chucked a u-ey narrowly avoiding getting bogged in the sand.
mojacar 048
We found the bar and parked up right on the beach.
mojacar 049
We went in the bar, and who was behind it…..the chap with the 4WD….cheeky little bugger!  No worries though as it would be a free night park and we had access to water and the toilet if need be … and the bar of course.
Elaine went picking up more old crap stones off the beach …
 mojacar 055
So that was that, the sun sets over another lovely day …
mojacar 057
They we are with the bar on the left …
mojacar 060
Well done Sammie, you chose a good route!

Where we stayed!
Bar – really close to Mojacar
Coordinates:  N37o 04’36”        W1o 51’00”

Friendly bar owner who doesn’t mind you parking on his land.  Offers water and toilets – I think so long as you at least have a drink at the bar!

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