Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fete De La Musique

Oh What a Night!
(Sat 21 June 2014)

As I said on an earlier blog we went into the town centre to check out what was happening last night.

Well it was going off big time, apparently on the 21st June (Summer Solstice) every town and village throughout France hold free musical entertainment in the streets, some are amateur musicians and some are professional bands.

The place was absolutely buzzing ...

This band were very good so we spent a fair while watching them.
In the crowd watching were a very good looking couple of young 'uns.  Elaine commented how the girl looked just like her niece (JB) who lives in London, but more about that later.

They played some fantastic music.

Next up we stopped by a quirky little duet, the settings were totally unreal ...

Then it was onto the singing and dancing, Eurovision trash type music.  They were good to look at though, and the grannies were grooving their bloomers off ...

The street lights and buildings really make you feel that you are wandering around a film set ...

The teddy bears had a prime viewing spot ...

The final band we watched were absolutely fantastic ...

They reminded me of INXS, the greatest Aussie band ever.
The lead singer was just as flamboyant as the late great Michael Hutchence ...

They were playing in a narrow alley amongst the restaurants. 

It was the most surreal scene ...

They finished well after midnight so we had a final walkabout to see if any other good bands were playing.  Unfortunately there wasn't.  All that was left was very loud dance/trance trash music.

So we headed off out of town along the deserted streets back to camp.

When we checked in yesterday the chap said park anywhere and come and see me later, which we did but the office was closed.

Consequently when we arrived back at base the gates were all locked and we didn't have the code to unlock them!

The gates don't look very high in the pic below, but they were bout 12ft! There was a concrete wall next to the gates which about 8ft then a totally un-penetrable high wire fence.

I gave Elaine a leg up so she could sit on top of the wall then I planned to clamber over the wall, jump down the other side and help her down.

First part went very well. Elaine sat petrified on top of the wall (she doesn't do heights)!  The second part didn't go as well though as I forgot that I am now such a fat bastard that I couldn't pull myself on top of the wall.   I tried a few times and grazed the crap out of my arms trying to clamber over the wall.

There wasn't a plan B, so we were trying to hatch one ... then ... out of the darkness appeared the young, good looking couple!  Not only did the girl  look like Elaine's niece, but they were English and he resembled a front row forward from a rugby team!

"Can you give me a leg up over the wall?", says I.  "No problem mate".  He virtually threw me over the 'kin wall!  Meanwhile Elaine was on top of the wall telling the girl how much she looked like her niece ... as you do!!

Once I picked myself up I then helped the petrified Elaine lower herself to the floor ... we were in!

Once back in the van we had a couple of calming reds and went to bed at 02.30am.

It was undoubtedly one of the best nights out we have ever had anywhere in the world and we really had to keep pinching ourselves that we were actually there!

Another amazing aspect to the night was that although there were literally thousands of people of all ages on the streets singing, dancing and drinking, we didn't see any anti social behaviour whatsoever ... and only spotted two petite policewomen all night. 

As I mentioned on a previous blog this trip keeps getting better and better, I seriously don't know what can top last night.

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