Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gorgeous Gordes

We checked out of the campsite this morning, we had a most enjoyable stay there.  It was more our type of site, very informal and laid back …
Gordes 023
I actually did a bit of planning this morning!  I surfed the web to check out the prettiest village in Provence, not only was Gordes voted the prettiest village in Provence but it was classed as one of  the prettiest villages in France.
Mr TomTom was given the co-ordinates and off we went.
On a sad note, we had also deliberated hard over the weekend and we had decided that when we saw the first vet we would pull in and have poor old Geoffrey put to sleep.  He isn't getting any better and at 23 he is just too old to do anything with.  It really isn’t fair on him to keep him in the state he is now.  It is a very hard decision to make but we feel like we are doing the best for him now …
It was only about a forty minute drive to Gordes and after about twenty minutes we came across a vet.  We pulled into the empty carpark and braced ourselves to do the deed.  It was 12.05, it shut at 12.00 and didn’t reopen until 14.30!  Bugger, we were all set to do it, so we carried on and didn’t come across another vet.   So, Geoffrey has another day …
We arrived at a parking spot outside the village, a few motorhomes were already there so we joined them …
Gordes 036
It was very very hot so we had a nana nap in the van till about 16.00 when we thought it would be a bit cooler. The walk to the village was about 2.5ks, which is not far, but when the temp was still in the 30s it is a fair hike, and up hill. We started off with the dogs but after about 500 metres took them back to the van.  It was far too hot for them and the road was too dangerous for us and them.   We started off again, it is a very narrow road with no pavement so was decidedly dodgy.  We decided to hitch a lift so we stuck out out thumbs but no one stopped…..bastards!!
But it was all so worth it once we reached the village, what a view!
Gordes 041

We had to laugh when I was standing close to the edge and an American voice bellowed to all and sundry  “This is nothing compared with the Grand Canyon” …
Gordes 042 Gordes 043
We walked down a few of the alleys but were still incredibly hot….
  Gordes 049
So we went into a church.  It was so cool, we just sat there for a while and cooled down.  This church has 8 chapels in it for some reason.  Elaine also lit a candle for Geoffrey.
Gordes 051
More alleys …
Gordes 052 Gordes 053
We stopped at a bar for a well deserved drink till we saw the prices … £7.90 a beer!  We went across the road to a nice little bar with a fantastic view and beers for £2.50 instead!
Gordes 055
It was now early evening so was much cooler so we headed off back down to the van, passing this very nice shop …
Gordes 057
More of the lovely view, and if you zoom in you can see……
Gordes 059
……the bar we were in earlier!
Gordes 060  
One final shot because it is so special …
Gordes 064
When we got back to the van, we moved it up to the village as all the tourists had gone home so we got a park in the village next to a couple of motor homes.  We will stay in the carpark overnight - it is next to the gendarmerie, and they don't seem to fussed that we are here.
We took a final pic of Geoffrey … such a lovely old puss, but his time is well and truly up :-(
Gordes 068


  1. What a sad time it is for you both, Geoffrey looks very content on El's lap nice for him to have a couple who have loved him so much but it is always hard to make the decision but this is the right one he is a good age. Thinking of you both. On a lighter note your blog is very funny at times love it!
    Ann R&R xx

  2. Give Geoffrey a hug from me - I will brush off all the cat hair later- farewell old fella, another one over the rainbow bridge.
    X Lesley