Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Penis cola & Sitges

Sorry about the 'Sun style' headline but I am dropping down the ratings and have got to stop the slide at all costs, I even have some page 3 girls in this post!

It was a big day for us (Monday).   Firstly we drove to Peniscola ... a rather unfortunate place name, we always thought it was Pensicola, we still don't know how to pronounce it! 

Peniscola is a lovely town with a bit of everything ... nice beach with bars etc, a fishing port plus the old town which is on a hill with a fort atop.  We concentrated on the old part of town.  Firstly Sammie decided to cool off in the moat surrounding the fort before we hiked up the hill ...
sitges 012

It's one of those magical Spanish spots with little alleys, bars and shops ...
sitges 014

The views across the Med were very impressive at the top ...
sitges 015

No prom pose today, we have a fort wall pose instead ...
sitges 016

Apparently the neighbouring houses to this place started sticking shells on the walls in the 50s…..they got a bit carried away and completely covered the place ...
sitges 019

A lighthouse sits on top of the fort, a relatively new building, the fort was constructed in the 1400s ...
sitges 021

Bombo has no fear of heights, although Elaine had a firm hold of his lead ...
sitges 024

We made it to the top, time for a rest ...
sitges 028

Then back down the hill again ...
sitges 029

Towards the sea, there were quite a few tourists about but I try to take pics without them ruining the image ...
sitges 031

So that was Pensicola Peniscola, which is a top spot to visit and stay if you are going to Spain.
It was then time to hit the road to Sitges.

These nice girls were plying their trade beside the road….
sitges 033

I thought they were just Ladies of the night but a daytime version, but Elaine tells me they are a Spanish Government initiative to slow the traffic.  Don't know about that, I have trouble keeping my eyes on the road. There are loads of them in certain sections.  They all sit on chairs, but when you pass an upturned chair I am sure it is a sign that they are off doing their business.  I still don't know where they do their business though!
sitges 035

We drove straight into Sitges and had a cruise around looking for a park.  I headed for a parking station but it was underground so no chance of us fitting in!  The problem was that it was in a busy one way road so I had to do a 30 point turn with Elaine watching the height as I had a low roof behind me. As you can imagine the local 'latin temperament' wasn't impressed that this twat was holding them all up and they let me know it!  I politely gave them a V sign and told them to go and get f*****d!  There were no signs to say it was height restricted or weight restrictedv... all good fun!  We drove to a signposted motorhome parking station, which turned out to be way out of town and well dodgy plus the word had got around of this pommie registered motorhome that had held up the traffic for all of eight minutes.  A posse had been formed and they were waiting to flog me and drag me through the town behind a rusting Seat Ibiza.

We took off out of town and parked up in a proper site instead, and a really nice one it was too.  It was just down the coast about 2 ks from Sitges.
sitges 045

We walked into the centre of Sitges and straight away noticed that this wasn't your typical Spanish town ... it had great feel about it.

There was also some very nice and very expensive looking houses ...
sitges 046

Not just one of two but streets of them ...
sitges 047

Another big positive to us was that there were lots of Spanish people walking their well cared for dogs. It's something that isn't to common in Spain and virtually non existent in Portugal ...
sitges 049

The big event that was happening was Gay Pride Week 2014, Monday was the last day ...
sitges 050

The place was going off bigtime!  There was plenty of excitement and good humoured crowds.  Elaine was loving this Zumba guy but Sammie was getting scared of the music, so we had to move on ...

sitges 053

Sitges is a top place and is our new favourite!!  It's funny how our favourite places just happen to be the most expensive.  Favourite place in UK ... London.  Favourite in Australia ... Sydney.
sitges 054

The gay theme was all over the town ...
sitges 055

Funny story ... we were talking to a very gay Yorkshireman ... although I know a lot of people from Yorkshire would claim that to be an impossibility, not the talking bit, but the fact he was gay!  He commented on Elaine's hair, saying "Ey up, I like your hair, it really suits you ... looks well nice ... no point in having it long in 't' heat"!!  Made us laugh !

We had a nice dinner in a Chinese restaurant, who had an 'all you can eat' buffet special on, so Elaine had what she called a 'Sushi fest'!  The dogs got some prawns and chicken as well ... bargain!

sitges 058

The three degrees were singing on the beach, one real woman and two trannies  ...
sitges 060

We had a great night and thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the long slog home in the dark.

We are now at Lloret De Mar, which is the first place I went overseas as a young 'un circa 1975.
We have just driven through the town and are now parked up on a campsite on the outskirts.
It could be fun, its makes Benidorm look sophisticated!  It is the complete opposite end of the spectrum to Sitges!

  Full report later.


Where we stayed in Sitges:

El Garrofer, Sitges, Barcelona (good website, click the name to go there)
Coordinates:  N41º 14’ 2”       E1º 46’ 51,5” 

It was in the ACSI book so it was 18 Euros a night, but they added on a 1 Euro tax on top, which some sites seem to do.  However, I just checked out their website and they have a sleep and go deal which costs only 15.99 Euros a night, if you arrive after 7 pm and leave before 10 am the next day ... which we had known about that as we arrived pretty late!!  Their wifi was off the richter scale, but they offered 10 mins free, so we just took that !

Nice, easy going campsite with the quickest check in ever!  No frills kind of place but nice vibe to it.  Nice shower facilities ... they even have a kids shower room with low showers and cubicles etc, which is a little odd, we thought !  Nice looking pool but we didn't stay long enough to use it!


  1. The Chance boys were in Sitges at the beginning of June, shame you missed them you could have parked the motorhome on the drive of the mansion they were staying in :-)

  2. The one in the pink needs to pull in her belly when punters are passing. Apart from that some lovely photos, and nice places you are visiting.

  3. Hi, was moored up by Henley the other day and got talking to two locals, older, walking the tow path. Kiwis, narrowboats and then motor homes came p in the conversation. They commented that local friends of theirs who have a boat on the Thames went for a trip in a motor home to the South of France and decided not to stay in a designated park but park by the Du Midi canal overnight. They were gassed while asleep and the van entered and all their credit cards and cash etc, stolen. Luckily they had a spare phone hidden away and were able to contact police, banks, friends etc. I said I'd heard of that happening but a fair while ago. She said this was only 3 weeks ago. Gulp.... So take care... Cheers....

    1. I am a sceptic about the gas attack theories, there is a lot of debate about it on the web, I have no doubt that they were robbed, but they were either dead tired or pissed, or maybe both. We try and park in decent spots and that is about all we can do, I would have to say that so far we haven't encountered any dodgy behaviour by anyone. Catch ya when we get back in July