Saturday, June 21, 2014

St Remy De Provence

We were on the road quite early this morning, once again it was a very hot day.

We had no real destination so we headed inland and ended up at St Remy De Provence.

It was so hot we thought bugger the aires we will find a camp-site with a swimming pool. 

And so we did, nice little site, with a very nice pool.

After relaxing by the pool we took ourselves for a walk into the town.

It is a delightful little town.... 

Lots of art galleries and shops to browse around, not that we browse around art galleries as its not our thing, but if you, this is the place for you.

This day, 21st June, is also the day they hold their annual music festival, so musicians were playing all over the place.  A rock band was playing on one stage, which frightened Sammie to death, he is very sensitive about noise.  

We will go back this evening and leave the dogs in the van then we can listen to some music and have a couple of beers.

  St Remy is also the birthplace to Mr Nostradamus. He was born here in 1503, his house still exists!

There he is on a fountain ...

Once again there are a lot of tourists about I just take shots up the side streets they don't go to.

Had to laugh at this. Lots of little queens, on all of them the hand waves.  

I think its going to be very busy tonight, the cops were shutting off the roads to stop cars entering the town. 

I dont think I will get any shots like this people....well one.

The people in this area remind us of the people that inhabit an area of Sydney called Double Bay, very beautiful, immaculately dressed etc, we fit in well......not.      

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