Monday, June 9, 2014

Up The Arenal!

Another sunny hot day down here on the Costa Blanca.  I took the dogs for a walk this morning around the local orange groves as recommended by one of the local campers. What she didn't tell me was that the orange groves employ mental German Shepherd guard dogs to stop any scrumping!  As I wandered along the little lanes with my two little pretty boys these bear sized creatures came charging through the orange groves and smashed into the fence that stopped them ripping the dogs, and probably me, apart!  It happened three times and scared the crap out of me, the dogs weren't bothered at all.

After all that excitement I had to have a lie down and finish reading 'Jamaica Inn'.  I read it in 3 days, which is a record for me.

We planned to go out for a bike ride in the arvo but it was too hot, so we left it till early evening and cycled to the Arenal Beach end of Javea.

It appears to be more of a family tourist area.
Very nice sandy beach though. 

No posing on the prom today as we were on the treadlies!

Here are our two magnificent machines (thanks to Trev,  Elaine's brother) ...

We had dinner at an Indian restaurant right on the waters edge.

The Indian waiter kept addressing me as 'My Dear'!

Fantastic food ...

Looking across the bay  to the Montgo Massif.

These two matching pushbikes which were parked very neatly, in echelon, belong to two Dutch caravanners parked up on our site.  We have noticed this a lot with the Dutch motorhomers and caravanners, they have identical bikes, apart from the cross bar of course.  

We will leave Javea tomorrow and head to Denia.

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