Thursday, June 26, 2014

St Tropez

A quick two hour trip along the coast and we were moored up on the beach opposite St Tropez.

We could have parked right on the beach but we preferred the shade of the trees, its still only 23 steps to the sea!

It takes about 20 mins to set the motorhome up for a stay.  Firstly I level it on the ramps you can see under the front wheels, then wind out the awning and attach the storm straps just in case the wind gets up. Then it's just a matter of unloading the table and chairs and hooking up the 240 volt shore power.

The red car behind came with a tent and all the camping gear, it took him  just over six hours to set it all up.  I hope he is staying for a couple of weeks!

It's a nice little beach, we went in the sea for a while, I reckoned it was superb, Elaine thought it was too cold and screamed a lot while getting in!

St Tropez is across the bay, it is about 7ks away.  The bus stop is right outside the campsite. We will check out St Tropez tomorrow, apparently it is up to the bus driver whether they will let us take the dogs!

There are a few super yachts moored in the bay. I am sure we will see a few more of them in the  marina tomorrow.

It;s a really nice site, you couldn't get any closer to a beach.  They also have a nice restaurant and bar, we went up there tonight for dinner and to watch the Germany vs USA game.


  1. Oooohhhhh.... reminds me of my first trip to Europe which included a week in an apartment just out of Port Grimaud. We had an amazing balcony with fabulous views across to St Tropez.. Wonder if you're on the same beach we went to!
    Ellyandmick :)

    1. Hi Guys we are next to the Port at place called Grimaud St Pons xx

  2. What an absolutely wonderful time you’re having! xx