Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sammie Goes Walkabout

There are about 60 motorhomes and caravans moored up on this site, and out of all those there are four Autotrail Motorhomes including ours.

Late yesterday afternoon we heard a lady asking people if they had lost a dog, I looked out of the side hatch and she was carrying Sammie, we didn't even realise he had left the building!

She said she heard a bit of commotion between a couple of dogs then the next minute little Sammie comes running into her motorhome.....they had a Autotrail! What a clever doggie!  (Yes, he is a lucky doggie too!)

Elaine crashed out early last night so at midnight I grabbed the trusty 2-wheeled steed and went to the local restaurant to watch England vs Italy ... it was a good game and England should have won it. 

As I mentioned yesterday it has been so hot here for ages but whilst I was watching the game, the wind got up and really started blowing hard.  When I got back to the van the wind just started there, so I quickly wound in the awning before it took off and took the side of the van with it.  There were quite a few people about in their nightclothes at 02.00 securing their awnings.

The good thing is that it dropped the temp down so we had a fantastic night's sleep.

After a lazy start and taking the doggies out for a walk to the town, we went for a bike ride along a cycle track that runs behind the camp-site.  It is on an old railway track and it goes for about 6 ks to the next town.

Looking back at Benicassim ...

Really good path ... 

It runs along the coast past lots of little bays and a few forts ... 

There weren't many people using it ... 

Not bad eh! 

There was a marina at the end.  There are many marinas along the Spanish coastline and all of them with excellent  facilities.  Like the majority of marinas around the world there were very few people on their boats or taking them out ... 

We headed back through one of the longer tunnels ... 

I was trying to outrun the light! 

Here comes Elaine steaming out of a cutting ... 

We came back to the site and just managed a drink within Happy Hour then a quick dip in the pool to cool down, although today was a much cooler 30 degrees!

We went down the town looking for a restaurant for dinner.  We passed Sue and Vic's new venture ...

We chose a really cool 'bohemian' type of restaurant.  The furniture was made of old timber pallets, the wine list was printed on an old wine bottle and the clientelle were very alternative.  El particularly liked that they had lavender, mint and basil plants all around the surrounding walled garden.

I have a smug look because I have a gob full of food!  

Pallet sofa ... 

Very nice restaurant... 

The front door, which leads into the garden-restaurant ... 

Benicassim is a very Spanish town.  It was amazing to walk back through the town after 22.00 on a Sunday night and to see all the restaurants full of the Spaniards having their dinner ... don't they realise there is work tomorrow!  (Actually it is Spain, so there isn't a lot of work).

Tomorrow we head off to the Bay of Roses.

Where we are now ...

Where we stayed:

Avda de Barcelona 47
12560 / Benicasim, Spain

Coordinates:  N40°3'25"            E0°4'28"

Brilliant site - the best yet.  Has great facilities and large, private pitches.  Also has two big doggie wash baths.  Very dog friendly but not in July or August, it seems?  Beach is just 4 mins away.  Loads of restaurants and bars.  Nice village close by and lovely bike riding path out of the back of the site ... just a lovely spot!


  1. Middle of the day is siesta time and after 5pm you are refreshed and ready for the evening.
    You two look really happy and enjoying it all.
    Shame on you for not knowing where the kids are - we will have to come and bring Sammie back to the boat.

  2. Shhhhhh Paul and Elaine we though we would spread our wings while waiting frustratingly for a new engine to be fitted! ;)

    1. It will happen and everything will be super again.