Friday, June 20, 2014

Back in France

Oops … got a bit of catching up to do in Blog land – the wifi in the campsite yesterday was 15 Euros a day – hmmmm!!
El here … Paul has gone to watch England play footie down the local – which is about half an hour’s walk there and half an hour back again, so I declined doing it again tonight !
Yesterday we left Lloret and headed for the Bay of Roses, which a few people had recommended to us.  We had been told to go to the Aquarius campsite, so we went there and didn’t like it so much because it was too remote, so we then went to another campsite closer to a town.
Paul took the dogs out for a little walkabout and took this pic of the town … (he also got scared to death by another ‘orchard’ guard dog on his perambulations, so changed direction quite quickly).
En Francais 062
At 6 pm we went to the campsite bar to watch Australia play Holland. We were slightly outnumbered in a sea of orange .. even the wall was wearing orange!  They were a good humoured crowd though …
En Francais 064
This was our big moment …2-1 up …. so exciting !  Shame it didn’t last !
En Francais 065
Paul disappeared again last night to watch Spain play ! 
This morning we took the dogs for a walk around the campsite and we met this Leonberger dog … he was a friendly fellow.  Sam didn’t quite know what to make of him though!
En Francais 068
They had some great permanent tents set up, including these ones …
 En Francais 069
Then I had to reprimand Bombo for looking too cute …
En Francais 072
Then the post reprimand cuddle …
  En Francais 078
We eventually set off but not before Paul gave the van a clean – he just can’t help himself …
En Francais 081
Then we went to the town of Roses itself, which was another lovely beachside town!  We decided to dodge up the back streets for a look and we were glad we did because strewn down the middle of the streets were pretty little floral displays – on the ground …
  En Francais 085
Really pretty …
En Francais 087
We stopped by for a spot of lunch (got ripped off again) and then set off back to the van.  Here is Paul’s prom shot for the day …
En Francais 089
We didn’t really know where to go after that !  We knew we wanted to get into France today, so we picked a spot where there was an Aire just inside France.  We took the coast road and we were so glad we did as there were some amazing little coves to see …
En Francais 095
Lots of the towns we passed had marinas …
 En Francais 104
Then, all of a sudden, we were in France again … yay !
En Francais 108
Here is the old border control … now well graffitied …
En Francais 110
The coast road doing its windy thing around more coves!  We were actually feeling a bit dizzy today with the road twisting and turning …
En Francais 113
Just stunning scenery …
 En Francais 117
Then we reached our current position (at the time of writing) … an Aire at Port Vendres in France…
En Francais 125
Port Vendres is a lovely town … has a huge harbour.  It was seemingly once a really busy port as there are old pics on all the lamp posts in town, but we can’t check it all out as we have no Mr Google again tonight!
 En Francais 126  
The Aire we are staying at is at the back of the port and you have to walk all the way around it to get to the town, which was quite a long haul, so the dogs and I are cream-crackered tonight!  Paul has taken his pushbike down to the town to watch the footie … hope he comes back delighted with the score !
Tomorrow … more of the South of France !!!

Where we stayed:
Aire – Port Vendres, France
France Aires book – page
Nice site – very tidy and well laid out.  Has a service point.  Quite a lot of vans are accommodated here but it doesn’t feel to squashy.  5.50 Euros a night.

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  1. STOP you have passed my all time favourite restaurant...
    and the great fish restaurants at Argeles sur Mer
    and the great seaside town of Collioure
    I've spent many a happy holiday in this area :)