Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Of The Same!

Very quiet day today, we planned to do bugger all.

I went off the bike to check out the surroundings.

Look no hands ...

Pretty impressive rock formations ...

Very Arizonaish ...

There are some really lovely bays about 1 km from the campsite ...

We went down the beach at about 18.00 when it was a bit cooler ... 

Elaine still won't go in she reckons its too's just magical. 
(Didn't notice him staying in too long though !  El )

We are going to stay tomorrow for another lazy day then move north on Friday.


  1. Watching your journey with interest. We are great friends with Lesley and Jo - her favourite stalkers is what she calls us. We are hoping to do the narrow boat dream in the not too distant future and are interested in the Europe by motorhome idea too. We have a villa in Javea so following you heading that way has been fun.

    1. Hi Amanda
      Really looking forward to Javea as we have heard a lot of positive comments about it. Now the keys to the villa, are they under the mat ;-)